Just Friends...Mature



         I couldn't believe it! My best friend doing that to me! Yeah, yeah I know I have six best friends but Melody on that list is number 1!

                     BEST FRIENDS LIST

1. Melody

2. Rebecca

3. Cassie

4. Sam

5. Courtney

6. Kianna

           Friends who are on the top of the list should not do that to other friends. Rebecca, Melody and I all made a pact not to flirt or date any guy that either of the others might like. And she knows that I like Ben!! I told her last week, when she noticed how down I was feeling, especially when Larissa Clark started practically throwing herself in his lap. She is pretty much the preppiest of the preps; she is also kind of a tramp. Unfortunately, a lot of guys at my school go for that in a girl, a girl that is hot and it’s easy to get in her pants. So, it’s kind of easy to see why I was just a little upset, anyways so she asked and I told her.

               Rebecca can't figure out why I am ignoring Mel for the whole week. She tried to try and get me to tell her why, and as much as I love Rebecca as a friend, but she has a tendency of saying "She has a right to know." if I tell her something about myself or Melody. So I just kept it to myself, for days it was eating away at me that after everything I could tell Melody, I couldn't tell her this.


        Just because I am mad at one friend does not mean I can't hang around with my other friends with her there. Or at least that is what I told myself in English class right before lunch. After having to spend Friday, and Monday hanging out at lunch with my group of older, but less mature friends I was sick of them, and wanted the company of the regular group. So I got out of class early and sat down close to the wall, pulled out a new book I had borrowed from Rebecca and practically put my nose to it.   The bell rang a few minutes later. Hungry students flocked to the cafeteria, and as every day the noise level was loud, like almost loud enough to drown out your own thoughts. Cassie showed up first with her boyfriend Zach holding her hands, she gave me a quick hug and slightly paranoid glance before she went back to her place at Zach's side.


      "What's wrong?" Melody asked looking down at me, her stance casual, she had her backpack slung over one shoulder.


I shrugged and looked back down at my book, 'Nothing."


She sat down across from me, and folded her hands in front of her on the table. "That was convincing."


Since I didn't respond Melody started tapping her fingers to the guitar line of "The World I know" by Collective Soul. It was highly annoying at this moment, just before I was about to tell her, Melody pulled out her phone and smiled.


"I'll be right back." she said before getting up and heading out of the cafeteria.


Rebecca elbowed me after Melody was out of sight, I glared at her.


"Why are you being a bitch to her?" she asked using her hands as she talked again.

 I squared my shoulders, "She's a whore, why shouldn't I be a bitch to her?" my voice was filled with true hatred for my best friend.

"Okay...." she still sounded confused, "Why is she a whore?"

I slammed my book closed; apparently I wasn't going to get any reading done. "Because I told her that I liked this guy and now she is massively flirting with him


Rebecca shook her head, and her jaw dropped, “What guy?” she exclaimed her voice unnaturally high. She seemed kind of insulted that I had left her out of the loop of things.


My head dropped involuntarily, “Ben,” I muttered shyly.


“What Ben?” she eyed my for a second then almost literally saw the light bulb go off above her head. “Wait, wait, and wait, Ben, as in the walking talking god, Ben?”

      I nodded as Rebecca drew in a forced breath, “Holy shit!”  Her voice taking on the imitation of Eric Cartman from South Park, the usual voice she got when she was really surprised.

“Whatever, it’s pointless anyways.”  Shrugged it off, and started playing with my finger nails awkwardly.

            Rebecca stood up quickly and suddenly off the bench of the table and lost her footing after she swung one leg over, making her slam herself into a wall behind her. “I have to piss.”


“Lovely, good to know,” I muttered sarcastically, re-opening my book. Though I watched her exit from the back of the cafeteria, she ran like a duck out of sight, with her arms flailing at her sides in a circular motion. “No idea why I hang out with them.” I shook my head and looked around the entrances of the cafeteria.


            A head of short medium brown hair, with a female body, and a taller person with dark chocolate colored hair caught my attention by the right side entrance.

            Ben and Mel…

           They were in the side hallway; I could see Ben laughing, though I couldn’t see Melody because she was facing away from me. He leaned forward, and seemed to kiss her on the cheek, I nearly exploded with rage. Melody finally turned around now, as Ben disappeared out of my range of vision and towards where the band room is. She had a smile on her face; I slammed my fists on the table and stood up. It felt as if my feet should have been stabbing through the tile on the floor. Melody's head was down as she walked; she didn't notice me until I was face-to-face with her. Anger was still boiling in my veins, I wanted to kill her, I wanted the hurt I felt to go away, and hurting Melody seemed the only way to get that to stop. My open palm hit her cheek a full blown slapping sound echoed through the cafeteria.


"What the hell?" Melody exclaimed holding her already bright red cheek. “What did I do?” she yelled at me.


            Immediately after the rage disappeared, guilt and panic replaced it.


I just slapped my best friend!!



            I turned and ran out of the cafeteria back towards the table where all my friends starred wide-eyed at me. As I ran tears were stinging my eyes. Someone caught my arm as I was about to burst out of the door beside the Theatre, only one friend of mine would follow me after I did that.



“Cassie, let me go.” I choked out, still struggling to get free of my restraints.


“Leyla stop,” the voice was a guy’s and so not Cassie’s. I froze though my muscles stayed tense. The firm hand on my forearm stayed there, but the body attached to it came around in front of me. Ben was eyeing me carefully, watching my breathing; the slightest movement I made, his free hand was holding a black titanium water bottle like the ones Melody always carries around with her.


“Are you okay?” he asked slightly hesitant. I shook my right arm, the one Ben was holding just a little too fight, his grip tightened when I tried to shake him off.


I looked point blankly at my arm. “Can you let go please?” my voice sounding completely annoyed.


He looked at his hand, then back at me. His eyes were black, pure, solid black. I could have sworn the last time I saw them they had black in them but they were not all black. Either way, those eyes were gorgeous; they sparkled with a hidden mysterious gleam.


I looked down at the ground, refusing to get caught up in how attractive Ben was, especially after I just hit Melody because of him. I shook my head, “No, I won’t run.”

He sighed, “Okay,” and his hand released my arm, with a slight hesitance.


            I fell into the wall behind me and just kept staring at the ground. My muscles were still too wound up to relax at this moment.


“Drink this,” Ben said calmly, his water bottle extended towards me.


I gave him a confused look, “What is it?” I asked still taking the bottle from him, and untwisting the lid.


Ben crossed his arms over his chest, and he shook some hair out of his face, “Just drink it.” He urged and I obeyed.


            The liquid was thick, but it went down easily enough. At first I thought it was repulsive, then something just clicked somewhere in me, and I wanted more. It was fantastic; it had the slight taste of iron, but nothing unattractively distasteful.


            Ben’s laugh pulled my focus away from the alluring drink,


“Leyla you won’t be able to get every drop out.” He had a small smile on his face; the mysterious gleam in his eyes had turned to humor.


I realized I was looking up at him now, and that my butt was on the cold tile of the floor. The water bottle was empty, and here I was trying to suck every last minimal drops that remained.


“Sorry,” I muttered, feeling my face turn red with embarrassment, I put the lid back on the water bottle and handed it reluctantly towards his out stretched hand. “Thanks, now are you going to tell me what exactly it was that I just drank?” I smirked at him.


            His left hand was out stretched towards me, I took it, and he pulled me up. Then I was standing uncomfortably close to him, his face almost exactly aligned with my own, his shoulder at my chin height. I took a much needed step back and Ben dropped my hand. The face that had just previously had a perfect smile perched up on it was now in a sad half grimace.


“How about we get you somewhere where there are less people for you to slap,” he took a step towards the exit. Ben turned back to me, “Coming?”


            From behind I could hear the voices of Rebecca, Melody and Cassie frantically asking where I was, and I was so not ready to deal with that yet.


“Yeah let’s go.” I followed him out.


        Ben held the door open for me as I walked through. It took all the will power I had not to drop my head shyly from the gesture,


"Thanks," I said, giving him a half smile.


"No problem." Ben said emotionless, "Over here," he muttered pointing down to the lower student parking lot at a black Mazda 3.


"What? I thought we were just chilling outside on school grounds. Not driving around off school grounds, there are still two classes left."


"I think calming you down, and kind of explaining some of this to you is more important than the classes you may have,” he gave me a side ways glance and raised a perfectly shaped eye brow.


   Ben walked to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for me; I murmured quick thanks before he went to the drivers’ side. He had just started the engine when my cell phone started playing "Last Night" by Skillet, my most recent favorite song, the caller ID on the outside said it was Rebecca, but thankfully it wasn't a call it was a text, actually three.


BECCY BROWN: 12:23 p.m

She was talking to him for you! They are just friends!!


BECCY BROWN: 12: 25 p.m

So that slap was unnecessary.



Even though I enjoyed it! Lol (laugh out loud)


"Shit," I said out loud, then immediately shut my mouth.


"What, did you get shocked by your phone?" he chuckled, flashing a genuine smile at me.


I tried to not smile but failed. "No, Rebecca is just sending me texts," I bit now hard on my lip," maybe I should just go say sorry to Melody." I shot a glance back at the school as Ben drove out of the parking lot.


"You can do that later. Right now, we should get you home. Where do you live?"


"Um, Wildwood, do you know where that is?"


"Yes, I know where that is Leyla I used to live here." he laughed again as he made the turn right towards Wildwood.


"Really, how long ago was that?"


"Fourteen years ago." Ben's hands gripped the steering wheel tighter, I couldn't really figure out why, and decided just to shrug it off.


"That was when I moved away, I was two." I laughed a good genuine laugh that I hadn't heard in a long time.

           Ben didn't say anything else, he just drove. As we were coming through the last cut of trees before my street, I wanted to break the long semi-awkward silence.


"Turn right at the street before the store."

          Ben just nodded and made the turn, "The house right here” I reached over and pointed at the brown and red house, with the white picket fence around the yard--home. I unlocked my seat belt, and got out of the car.


"Thanks again for...everything I guess." I could really think of anything else to say.


"See ya around." I closed the door behind me.


Good job Leyla that was a brilliant good-bye. No wonder he likes Melody better.  I started mentally kicking myself in the head.




I spun around quickly on my heels. Ben was standing outside his car, behind the door, leaning on it casually, "Yeah?"


He smiled at me, the smile didn't quite reach his eyes though, there seemed to be something bugging him today.


"Do you want to go for a walk with me?" the smile became a grin and I nearly fainted.


I looked around the yard quickly, my dad still wasn't home, and wouldn't be for a while, Brandon would be home soon, but we would probably be back by then.


"Um, sure,” I grinned back, "I just have to leave a note for my parents. You want to come in?" I jerked a thumb over my shoulder to the house.


"Sure." he smiled, came around the door and closed it behind him. Ben was at my side in a few simple strides.


The End

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