Between a Hard Place and an Amazing DreamMature



I leaned up from the damp, cushioned moss beneath me and felt slide of silk across my skin as I stretched and stood under swaying vines of leaves. Though I couldn't see much of the leaves it was easy to tell that I was under a willow tree--my favorite kind. The long dark draping vines swaying in the light breeze sent a slight chill up my spin. My hand grazed lightly across the bark of the tree. The quiet snap of a branch above me made me turn my head to the noise to see glowing red eyes, despite the feeling that fear should be the only thought on my mind, I find myself smiling up at the feral eyes. They didn't move they just stayed still, barely blinking.


"You going to just sit there staring at me or are you going to come down and say hello?" I asked.


The eyes moved finally, farther down the branch, and let out a barely audible, silky smooth sounding "Hello."


I laughed shaking my head at the ground.


"I like your laugh," the smooth voice said quietly behind me. I turned to become face to face with the red eyes that were surrounded with black on the inside and outside of the iris.


"Thank-you," I muttered breathlessly as I looked in to the gorgeous face of Ben.


A chilled pale hand cupped under my chin as he brought my face closer to his. When I could feel his breath mixing with my own his hand dropped from my chin and grazed lightly in a line down my arm, making me shiver violently against him. I bit my bottom lip, trying to control my breathing and failing. I didn't really notice that his hand was back under my chin and tipping it up and to the side. His cold lips, that felt so real, pressed under my jaw extremely gentle


"Why can't it be like this now?" he muttered moving his face back to look at me, with a grimace on his face. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say anything, I felt paralyzed. Bens hand came up again and he pushed some of my hair out of my face, his face looking calm and caring. A sound broke through, not a sound I was used to imagining in my alarm clock?


Crap! I almost exclaimed trying to cling on to my dream as it was slipping away. Then unfortunately, I was awake, staring angrily at my bloody evil alarm clock.


"Five more minutes, I couldn't have had five more bloody minutes!" I grunted.


Reluctantly, I rolled out of bed and slammed my fist against the blaring alarm clock. My arms and legs felt heavy and stiff like I hadn't moved for days.  As I got ready for school it seemed like I could still feel his touch on my skin. Under my jaw there was a pleasurable tingling. It felt like I could trace the line of where he had run his fingertips over my shivering flesh. It was clear, everything was so....perfect.


Please god let him not be with the preps today!! I pleaded desperately in my mind.


Amazingly I found myself trying to perfect my hair, do my make-up flawlessly, and find an outfit that would catch Benjamin's "wondering" attention. It’s been two weeks, now after this dream I am not going to stand by anymore. The preps will change him into an asshole like the rest of them if he stays in their group much longer. I took so long getting ready Brandon had to give me a ride to school.


"Any more nightmares lately?" he asked gripping the steering wheel just a little tighter.


I guess he could tell I was on edge and far too eager to get out of the house this morning.


"Nope, actually I had an amazing dream last night." I looked over at him, "Please stop worrying about me, I'm fine."


"Fine," he shot a quick glare at me, "but you better tell me when you're not fine otherwise I'm going to kick your little butt!"

I laughed, "Deal."


                     All morning I was scanning the cafeteria for him, with no luck. He wasn't even sitting with the pretty, plastic, fake blond preppy girls. Rebecca took her seat beside me after coming back from the library,


"Where's Melody?" she asked, finally noticing her absence.


I looked at her, "Its Friday, she has music composition in the morning."


You could almost see the light bulb go off above her head. "Oh...yeah." she said drawing out the "oh"


Friday classes are always the loudest, and since it is Friday 2 the block order is C-D-B-A, in plain English that means I have Sewing, then P.E., then English, and my last class is Drama. My last two classes are with Ben--wonderful. In sewing I had to work extremely hard not to sew over my finger while working on the dress I was making. P.E was well...P.E, we did a run that I almost fell face first while doing, Melody just shook her head at me. She did however fill me in that there was a guy in music composition that she thought was really nice and "hawt!" and for Melody to say that...well he must be damn gorgeous!

I walked with Melody to the cafeteria for lunch she was still laughing at me over my whole run incident. As we walked from the Theatre to our table she quickly turned to me and said,


"So, that guy I told you about...yeah well he's probably coming to sit here with us."


I sat down at the table between her and Rebecca, "Really?" No idea what it was but, the way she said "that guy" made me think she was kind of hiding who it was from me, something really odd to be getting from Mel since we tell each other everything.


She nodded and pulled a titanium water bottle out of her backpack. "Yeah." she said before taking a huge swig.

I shook my head, "I don't know what you drink to have to go through like 5 of those at school."


She shrugged, "You don't get head aches if you keep hydrated." she shot me a one raised eye brow side glance.


I bit hard down on my lip. "I drink plenty of water thank-you."




"Hey Melody." a voice said coming from behind us. The voice sent shivers up my spin as I turned and saw Ben, a huge grin on his face sitting down next to my best friend, without even a glance my way, he kept smiling at her. Sebastien sat down beside him, a cute shy smile on his face, a smile that was directed towards my "fuck the world" glare.

The End

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