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       Ugh, Monday morning! I rolled out of bed extremely tired and reluctant to get up. Never in my entire life have I been a 'morning person' I have always liked it at night better. My dad said that when I was a baby I would sleep all day then be awake all night--that lasted at least two months. 


      After my shower, I got down to my room started blowing drying my hair when I realized that my step sister Bridget hadn't come by my room to say that she was up. Turning off my blow dryer, I walked down the little hall to the last room on the right and opened the door.


"Bridget come on, its ten after seven." I said hand still on the door knob.


     She rolled over and groaned, "I'm just going to wear my hair up," she mumbled sitting up, her eyes still closed, and swept her yellow blond hair up into a fake ponytail.


"Okay, fine, but get up." I said flipping on the light and walking away.


             At 7: 40 she came in, her make-up half done, and her hair put up into a better looking pony tail, wearing her ripped blue jeans, and a dark gray and deep purple stripped shirt.


"Cute" I comment, turning back to doing my own mascara.


She looked down at herself. "Thanks. Hey don't you have to take some new kids around the school today?"


"Oh yeah, I totally forgot!" I exclaim.


Now I do volunteer a lot, but especially around school, and not really on my own either. The vice principle adores me. So, since I am now a grade 11 he asked me to lead any new students around the school and show them around. Pretty much, I am the Welcoming Committee, not that I mind. My friends are always getting mad at me for being "Overly Friendly" anyways.


She grinned, "Maybe you should bring them by where I sit in the morning to show them the real Brooks."

I laughed, "No thanks Bridge, we want to keep them in the school not have them transfer out their first day."


"Fine, let’s go we're going to be late." she walked upstairs to the side door.


"Shit," I muttered, noticing the time, 7:54, I threw my shoes on, zipped up my back pack, tossed my sweater over my arm and ran out of the side door.


School was quiet in the morning when I got there. Melody was already sitting at our usual table in the back of the cafeteria, close to the theater. Rebecca Brown, another one of the six best buds was there too. She is a bigger than most of my friends, she is actually the only one taller than me, with long dark brown almost black hair that looks purple sometimes, with a round face, a tan complexion, a slight disproportioned nose, and a very big chest for a 17 year old. I swear to god if she started running really fast they could probably give her a black eye!


I drop my bag off at the table, and go past the glass windows that show the main office, to the first vice principle's office, and knock on the caramel colored wood door. The door opens a moment later, the extremely tall and slim nice principle smiles at me, and his wandering eyes not looking directly at me. When I first met him I couldn't tell if he was actually talking to me or not, but after he learned my name I figured it out.


"Leyla, come on in. The new students aren't here yet, but I'm sure the secretary's will be sending them in shortly."


    I took a seat in one of the two army green chairs across from his large black desk, “Wait, students, as in more than one?" I ask, a moment later catching the plural.


"Yes, three actually, they’re all related, two brothers and their sister."


I felt very scared; I've never led around that many students before. "Um, I'm not sure if I can help all three get to three different classrooms."


"Oh, no, I have two other students coming to take on of the boys and the girl. You will only have one."


I sighed relieved, "Okay, thank-you."


Another knock on the door made me turn around, probably the new kids I thought. The vice principle went to open the door, and I got up and followed him out into the main hallway.

There was a tall, slim but muscular guy with dark gold blond hair, and light brown eyes, and the other two I remembered.


"Leyla Dejong, this is Sebastien Taylor, Clara Taylor, and Benjamin Taylor." he gestured from left to right of the siblings.

I smiled and stuck out my hand," Nice to meet you Sebastien." I said taking the blonds’ hand, who grinned at me and nodded. Then I took Clara and Ben's. "Nice to see you two again," I said, smiling bigger at Ben.


He smiled back, "You too."


"Well, Clara, Sebastien, would you two mind coming with me? Your student tour guides should be here shortly. Benjamin, Leyla will be your guide for the next few days should you need her." the vice principle smiled ushering the two others into his office.


I turned on Ben, "You never told me you were moving here."


He laughed, "You didn't ask."


"Okay, well next time I will." I smiled at him, giggling a bit--something very unusual for me. "So, you want to get this tour started?"


"After you," he said bowing gallantly. I lead him down the large stair well to the basement, then into the library. Ben like everyone else seemed to be amazed how the school had a live tree growing in the middle of the library.


"Can I see your schedule?" I asked as we passed the Science Lab. He handed me the single piece of neatly folded paper in his hands. I looked at his schedule, he has English second block with me, and...Drama first block with me?


"You're in drama?" I gave him a skeptical look.


"Yes, I studied a bit of acting where we used to live." He shrugged, still smiling at me.


"Well I guess we're going to have to go there after the bell rings. You're in my class." I smiled, Ben's eyes met mine and I dropped mine immediately. "Now, let’s find your locker."


# 148, I searched scanning the rows of light gray and navy blue lockers. Ah ha! It was a larger locker, a full length one.

"Here we go, just go and put all your stuff in there." I said cheerfully opening the door.


No, way, I thought, right across the main downstairs hall in a smaller short hall that leads to the lower student parking lot, is where my locker is!


"Wow, we're kind of locker neighbors." I laughed.


"Really where is yours?" Ben asked, looking at me. I pointed behind me then walked over to the hallways tapping on

#880, my locker,


"Right here," I tapped on my locked and smiled at him, he gave me a friendly smile.


"Okay let’s get upstairs now. Introduce you to some people. Then we'll go to Drama Class, its kind of hard to get to." I said walking back over to him, instead of stopping I kept going. I heard his locker slam, and fast footsteps behind me.

     Back at my usual table I sat down close to the wall, and Ben sat across from me, looking awfully nervous. I didn't introduce him to anyone until I saw my other friends walk into the cafeteria. My phone was buzzing like mad in the pocket of my jeans, Melody was elbowing me, and shooting me glares.

Cassie Vallier, Sam Farr, Kianna Thistlewait, and my cousin Courtney Dejong all walked up to the table, I stood up to give them a hug.


"Hey, I want you guys to meet someone." I said after I hugged them all, I turned to Ben who was already standing up, a shy smile on his lips. Even after meeting all fifteen or more people of our group Ben still had a smile on his face and said hello politely.


The bell rang, after what felt like an eternity; Ben got up and stood at my side again.


"They all seem nice." he muttered as we walked down a small hallway towards the art room, and a big wooden door that lead down a set of stairs to the dance studio, also known as the drama room during ‘A’ block.


The hour and twenty minutes past quickly. Ms. Leycock, the crazy drama teacher absolutely loved Ben. She is an older teacher, about her mind-fifties, short, and plump, with batted up brown hair with blond streaks in it. She is very talented as both a teacher and an actress. I had trouble getting Ben away from her to show him to his next class, when I finally did Ben was still laughing when I got him to the French room.


"Um, if you want you can find me back up at the cafeteria at lunch, or you can always give yourself the rest of the tour." I said just before he went in to the door.


      He turned back to me hand casually on the door frame. “I think I'll just come find you again. I'm not really sure where my math room is after lunch."


"Okay, see you after then." I walked away, heading towards my next class and waved.


"Definitely," he said.


      My teeth went directly to my lip, not knowing whether I was supposed to hear that or not, I kept my head down as I walked through the already empty hallways to my English class.

       English is my favorite class, has been for...well ever. Today though, I couldn't concentrate on any of it! I kept doodling when I was supposed to be taking notes, looking through the text messages Melody had sent me, and watching the clock eagerly. Waiting, counting the minutes down until 11:48 till lunch, finally the bell rang, and I nearly jumped out of my seat and ran out of the door.

       As usual I was the first person at our table, I sat down pulled out my lunch and started eating. Rachel and Melody showed up second, with Cassie, Sam, Lisa, and Kianna not far behind. Son even all the guys showed up too. Justin, a short, slightly chubby guy with buzzed brown hair. James, Cassie's on-off boyfriend, taller, slim with short messy blond hair.  Braedon, medium height, completely shaved head, with muscularly arms. Nathan, Lisa's boyfriend, medium height, with short blond hair, green eyes and one of the nicest guys you could ever find. Dorin, tall at like 6 feet, shaggy blond hair that usually hangs over his eyes--Melody has liked him for like 2 years!  Half way through lunch and no Ben. I scanned the cafeteria for him, and unfortunately found him surrounded by preps.

       The rest of the day I kept a smile on my face and laughed along with my friends. Ben didn't come find me again, so I figured one of his new prettier, more popular friends was showing him where to go.

The End

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