"So, what time do you want to come by tomorrow," Melody asked me as we walked outside the high school’s main doors to our bus stop after school.  I heard her, but my mind was busy wondering. She hit my arm as we stopped at the curb.


"Ow!' I said rubbing at my arm. "I don't know. I don't care." I threw out quickly.


"Oh my god." she sighed.


I bit my lip, "What are you talking about?"


"I'm going to Vancouver this weekend to pick up that new guitar I ordered. And you said you'd come with me."


Melody Peirce is one of my six best friends. I've known her since, grade nine. We talk to each other about everything and anything. She is short like the rest of my best friends; well she is like 5' 5 and a half. With short hair past her ears, styled like a guy's hair, with long bangs in the front that covers her forehead. Its weird her hair just naturally goes forward to make her bangs like that. A pale complexion and faint bags under her eyes at times, with the coolest green eyes that I have ever seen, they change color, from a pale jade green, to gray, to blue, and sometimes all three.  Those same green eyes that are staring at me like I'm an idiot right now,


"Right, I am coming with you. What ferry did you want to take again?"


"At least the second one." she says eyeing me.

"Yeah knowing you, you won't even be close to getting up before the first sailing out of here." I say smirking at her. Trying to get her to stop. "My car or yours?"


"Mine." she says grinning. Her older brother Derek gave her his old Jeep, now she won't drive anything but that old thing.

The bus pulled up in front of us, and everyone flocked to the doors.


"Okay I'll come by around 8." I muttered as I walked on to the bus ahead of her.


Now to look forward to a night of homework and loud music! One week of grade 11 down, how ever many more to go. I groaned mentally to myself.



The annoying buzzing of my alarm clock woke me up from a very weird dream. As soon as I was able to focus on reality though, the memory of the dream was gone, evaporated with the night. I shook off the dream, it’s not like I'm not used to ones that make no sense anyways.

The house was silent, everyone must still be sleeping I thought. So I walked groggily upstairs to the shower, my dad's loud snoring passing easily through his bedroom door. Luckily the warm water of the shower actually woke me up, on Saturdays; nothing can wake me up but a blow horn to the ear.


"Good morning Leyla." my step mother Stella said I walked out of the bathroom.

    She was just leaving her bedroom, wearing a long sleeved shirt of my fathers that fell just above her knees, her wavy blond hair in a clump of knots.


"Morning," I said back. Quickly hurrying downstairs to get ready and out of the house before either of my parents could give me chores to do.


 Now I am not musical, far from it, actually I am almost literally instrumentally handicapped. So, I really didn't understand why Melody was so excited over a guitar. Whatever, it still got me out of the house for the day. We got on the second to last ferry, so we would reach the very last one to connect us to Powell River.

Upstairs Melody and I sat ourselves down at a pod of chairs. Four chairs facing each other, Melody sat closest to the window, leaned her head against it, and closed her eyes. I reached into my hand bag and pulled out my notebook, and a pen. Suddenly I felt the urge to draw, I wasn't too sure what I felt like drawing, my vision seemed to blur as the pen grazed across my page. When I was done, I felt like I had been dreaming, like I had been subconsciously remembering something.


Shaking my head, I looked over at Melody, her breathing was deepening, and she looked paler than usual. I shook her foot was put up beside me. Her head flew up, as she shook her head.


"Do you want me to drive? You don't look so good." I say taking in her slightly red eyes.


"No, I'm okay." she said rubbing at her eyes. "I just need something from the car. Back in a second." she got up, pulling up her hood, and walked back towards the stairs we had come up.


I looked down at my drawing. It was probably the best thing I had ever drawn. For once I could actually tell what it was--a guy. At least from the side, his hands were held out in front of him, one hand in the other, dark hair covering his downward facing head. He seemed to look a little impatient, and sad.  Melody was down at the car for a long time, so I decided to go outside.


The air is still warm, even at night. During the day you can usually see all the mountains, trees and water walls that surround the ferry's course--but at night, all that can be see is the outline, dark lines showing the tops of the mountains, the moon's reflection on the water showing all the rolling waves on the black sea. The outer deck of the ferry is empty except for a few smokers gathered around the small ash trays. I head towards the bow of the boat, my hands shoved far into my pocket, my hand bag hitting my legs as I step. There was only one other person at the box at the boat. His arms bent at the elbow as he leaned on the railing, with one hand in the other, his head down with black hair hanging down from his shaded face. The heel of his right foot tapping slightly, weirdly he reminded me of my picture, the stance was the same, and the hair looked the same....no that's crazy, I said to myself. Shaking my head I went to stand on the port side of the ship. I put my headphones in my ear and started listening to my Ipod. A tap on my shoulder startled me so much I jumped. I turned around to see a short dark haired girl. She had copper colored hair with golden blond streaks; she looked about 5 feet tall. The girl had caramel colored eyes, with a slight red tint to them, and a bright smile on her pale face.


"Hi," she said cheerfully.


I smiled politely back. "Hello."


"I'm sorry if this is a little odd, but you looked awfully upset. Is everything alright?"


I nodded smiling still. "Yes of course. I was just thinking. Music and staring at water sometimes do that to me." I laughed.


The little girl stuck out her hand, "I'm Clara by the way. Nice to meet you...." she trailed off, as I took her hand.


"Leyla,” I smiled again.


Her eyes widened and her smile got bigger. "Oh! That's a pretty name, very unusual."


I nodded, "Yep, blame my parents." I laughed again, and this time Clara did too.


She glanced behind me, to across the ship. "Hold on one minute." she said holding up one finger and ran across to the guy with black hair, she grabbed his hand and started dragging him over to me, I looked back at the water, hoping not to get caught for staring.

"Leyla this is Benjamin. Benjamin this is Leyla." Clara said directing her hand between us, she said my name when introducing me to Benjamin as if it was an inside thing between them.  I looked him up once then down once. Taking in his nicely developed chest, round, square jaw, pale complexion, pale pink lips, he stuck out his hand smoothly, and raised his head.


 "Ben." he corrected.


 I was baffled! His eyes, black with flecks the color of mocha, they were the most amazing things I had ever seen surrounded by a full set of dark eye lashes. His eyes dark and hard yet compassionate looking.

I took his hand and smiled. "Hi, it’s nice to meet you."


He nodded once, "You too." His face stayed expressionless. I could see now that his hair was actually a dark brown not black at all.


Clara grabbed Ben's free hand quickly as soon as he dropped mine. "I'll be right back." she said then ran off back into the ship.

"So...how long have you and Clara been going out?" I asked, surprising myself at the question.

Ben laughed; it was a nice, smooth, musical laugh, "Um, not long." he shook the hand Clara had grabbed like he was trying to shake off pain.




"Yeah, actually not at all, she is my sister." he laughed again, looking at me.


"Oh my god I'm sorry." I said probably turning bright red; I threw my hand over my mouth.


"It’s okay."


Melody came up beside me, scaring me again. She looked a lot better and the redness wasn't in her eyes anymore. "Ben this is my friend Melody, Melody this is Ben."


"Hi." she said in her usual shy tone.


Ben nodded. The announcer came on over the P.A and told everyone to down to their cars.


"I guess I have to go. It was nice to meet you again, and I am really sorry about...that whole thing...” I smiled nervously.


Ben smiled again. "It’s okay, really. Hopefully I see you around."


I started walking away when I heard that, I turned and smiled at him. "Yeah, hopefully." then I waved.


Down in the car, Melody shut her door then started asking questions.


"What was that? Better yet, who was that?"


"I don't know you were down here still I guess and his sister came up and asked me if something was wrong because I seemed upset then she brought him over." I shrugged.


"He was hot!" she exclaimed.


I shrugged again, "I guess."


"Don't even pretend you didn't notice it. You were flirting with him." she said as she started the car.


"Whatever, can we drop it please? We don't want to crash." I said as she turned on to the highway.


"Fine." she said, smirking.


I rolled my eyes and stared out the window at the black outline of trees.


The End

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