Hidden in the DarkMature





The freezing water was rising up above my neck, heavily running into the car. My whole body was numb with the cold temperature of the water, my vision was blacking out for moments at a time. My older sister Sienna's lifeless body beside me, my mother’s frantic screams, and sirens were wailing and the crash of the windshield all surrounding me. I didn't think anything of the sound of shattering glass; I was too panicked to worry about anything but getting myself out. My screams never gave out, continuing long and loud. Sitting on my knees I continued clawing at the door handle and banging on the window. A man with wet blond hair climbed the front seats and reached to the back for me, with terror and adrenaline running through my veins I snarled threateningly at him. His silver eyes widened, his jaw dropped. FANGS! Gruesome fangs dripping water and what looked like blood. The deep gash on my forehead started to throb again, sending mountainous pain throughout my body.

I toppled over into the water, horrified screams of my own echoing in my ears.


  Everything shifted, I was in the hospital. My dad sat at the end of my bed sleeping. Glimpses of the accident, flashed in my head, my sister’s cold, dead body. Her once beautiful blond curls draped around her pale angelic face. I reached to my forehead where the gash originally was, and winced at the pain as my hand grazed along stitches.


“Thirteen stitches. They should heal nicely though.” A deep voice said from beside me. He materialized out of the wall next to my bed; the man with the blond hair. I wanted to scream but I couldn't, my scream caught in my throat and instead anger boiled in my blood. The dark red haze clouded my vision filling me with rage! My fists balled up on the bed, and a growl rolling from in my chest, I had no idea why I was enraged at this man; there was just something about him that had a little voice in my head screaming “don’t let him near you!”


“You saved me, right?” I said through clenched teeth.


"Yes, I did. My name is Anthony." he answered slowly. Something extremely cold touched my left hand. My anger rushed away, and I slumped back down in my bed. "Dear girl you are so young, too young for this life, for this change." Anthony gently stroked my hair.

“You are going to have to learn to control this side of you young Leyla. Nothing good can come out of this attitude.” the blond man whispered, stroking my hair. I opened my eyes, and stared at him. His breath caught, "Oh."


"What do you mean change?"


"Leyla, you will discover the meaning further when you are older. But for now just know that you are not like any girl your age, you are greater. Greater, but dangerous, keep yourself in line, it will keep your family safe until your get enough." Anthony explained.

Old enough for what, how can a little girl be greater than other people? Better yet, how could I be dangerous!?! I'm twelve!!!


 He patted my arm softly.  "Don't worry, little one its a few years away yet. I have to leave, but I am sorry for your losses. I am looking forward to seeing you again Miss Leyla."


In an instance, Anthony was crouched at the window, holding it open. Cold, misty air filled the room. The hard pounding of rain drops outside. Anthony jumped at the window! I sprang out of my bed. Rushing to the window, Anthony wasn't there he has disappeared into the night.


"That was so weird." I muttered shaking my head. I stared out the window, my eyes narrowed into slits searching for any movement in the darkness. None. My father stirred in the chair he was sleeping in.


My mind was swimming; there was so much I was confused about, about danger, my losses, practically everything Anthony had said to me. My left wrist began to feel a little warm, like someone had put a scolding hot cloth on it. I looked down at it, two little puncture marks were vertically placed on my wrist. Spread only a few inches apart. Bite marks? The slight warmth started radiating through my veins from the puncture wounds, then turned into a blazing heat beneath my flesh.  It felt as if small shards of glass were circulating throughout my body. My eyes widened, and I screamed my loudest in horror. In an instant the heat began to subside, leaving my whole body numb. The aching in my head began again, my wrist throbbing. Anthony's voice echoed in my mind, 'You are greater! You are dangerous. I am looking forward to seeing you again Miss Leyla'


The End

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