The StrangerMature

I waited for the guys to finish up from a distance I knew they couldn't see me from. That being my advantage. Not being to hear them though, was my disadvantage.

As soon as the the first left early, then the other guy left, I ran back to the bloody terrain in three seconds from what would take an average human about two hours. Taking a long look around I noticed the ground was still dirty with blood, as expected. I took out a knife that was hidden under my dress and popped off the end of the hilt. I scooped up some blood into the end and closed the hilt back up. I watched as the knife grew into a long sword with designs of dragons and strange writing that glowed bright red.
 I started swinging around the sword with great posture, then paused with my left hand closest to the blade and my right near the end. As I held it out in front of me I felt my surroundings. Every breeze, leaf or dust spec that moved, I felt. 

"Forgive me." I whispered.

In a series of spins, jumps and kicks in inhuman speed, all of the blood around me was being picked up by the wind and forced to be transferred inside of me. 
Making a backwards flip into the air and then landing perfectly in a kneeling position on the ground, the sword was reduced back to a knife and the area was cleaned.

As I stood back up, I got the feeling I was being watched. I turned around quickly with my arm extended out in front of me as my knife was aimed at someone's throat. Taking a good look at him, I noticed he had pointed ears, wings sprouted from his head, a scaly tale, eyes entirely shaded in black, and stood seven feet tall.

"Who, are you?" I demanded. He lifted his chin up further from the blade and looked down at me expressionless.

"I am, Zen." His voice was deep, and sounded like his throat was filled with water. I moved my knife away while spinning it around my fingers and then sheathing it in the case under my dress. I stared hard at him. 

"Alright then, Zen. Are you lost?" I asked him. He stayed silent for a moment.

"No. I found exactly what I was looking for." He raised his hand above my head, with his palm flat out, and brought it back down on me with a great amount of pressure. Everything went dark.

The End

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