Labour made easy.Mature


"Why did you say you wanted to help?" Brack whined as we loaded the bodies onto a truck.

"Well first off I didn't think they would see us as nothings, two this is easy, if you could give me some time." I throw three bodies onto it.

"Alright." Brack steps aside," What are you going to do?" I grin , and take off with my super fast agility piling the bodies into a pile quickly then throwing it into the air, while spinning it.

"You know how we get stronger when we drink better quality blood, Brack? Well there is a point when you can make things easier to get blood." I explain as the pile of bodies compresses itself, the blood leaving the ball of flesh and bone, which I don't absorb because its a tragedy and instead, let it drench the truck. I was wiped when I was finished.

"How many humans have you killed?"

"How many criminals have suddenly gone missing?" I ask, then smile," Your can handle the rest." I say breathing hard heading back to the buidling. 

"Whatever don't stray to far, Tasha is gonna kick your sorry ass if she finds you." Brack warns me.

"Ha ha, thanks for the heads up." I fake the laugh, he probably thought Tasha was joking.  I opened the doors to a small but familiar hall that I used to escape to when I needed to be alone. An easy spot yo find someone but to obviouse in most people opinions. After the short hall was a crowd of people making an unbelievable racket, and noise,and it was easy to tell everyone was argueing a system that never really worked. I already hated being back.

The End

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