Dirty Little SecretMature

"Is dat from vat I think it is from?" Victoria asked in her heavy Russian accent. Charles took a few steps closer to the sign to get a better look as he placed his fist under his chin to examine the work. He nodded. Victoria sighed as she shook her head. "They are trying to bribe us into thinking their ways, no?" She asked. 

"Yes, I believe so." I replied to her. Suddenly, I noticed a man across the slaughter field also examining the scene. I turned my head to look at Victoria and pointed my chin at him quickly to notify his presence. 

"We should keep this scene known to a minimum of the Sonva's to keep from a panic of any sort. If something like this got out I'm sure the Sonva's would split into two sides." Charles announced to us as he stood up. 

"I'll take care of the blood but I'm not sure what to do about the bodies or them." I emphasized. Charles was already heading towards the guys across the scene to keep them silent about it I'm sure. As Charles and the guys chatted away Victoria and I discussed a way to put the bodies away.

"Dawn, I would like you to... Deliver dem to a certain address." She finally decided. I crossed my arms over my chest.

"What address?" I questioned as I thought about what she meant by deliver. Victoria leaned in closer to me and cupped her hands around my ear.

"Four miles from here dare is a bridge over a large mass of watar. Drop ze bodies off into ze watar and Carl vill handle ze rest." Victoria backed away from me and gave me a smile. I smiled back at her even though I knew she couldn't see my mouth under my scarf.
Moments later Charles came back with news.

"Alright. They say they won't tell a soul and they were even willing to help out." He informed us. I gave a wicked smile as I thought over their new job. 

"Good. Then they can do the hard part." Victoria and I laughed briefly as I told Charles to deliver the guys their new assignments of dropping off the dead corpses. I bid them good luck.

The End

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