Bodies on the groundMature

The flight was boring and too warm for my liking, when I got out of the plane I was dieing to find a pool filled with cold water and ice. Unfortunately such luxuries do not exist on a whim. Instead though I filled my desire with a cold ice drink instead before taking off to the town next to this city where Brack would be waiting for my late arrival. So I thought when I came across a quiet dead town with the electricity cut out. In worry I ran as fast as possible to the Sonva's hideout  where I found something much more horrifying. Dead human bodies limply laying on the ground. A few figures outside of a house, I could feel the horror coming off of them as they watched me unsure of what to do, until  I hear Brack's voice.

"Ryan is that you?" In any other instant I would be angry at him but the gravity of the situation kept me calm, and serious.


"Did you see them or any of this take place?"

"Hell no Brack I just got back here."

"Will you two shut up!"A Males voice says,"You who are you?" 

"Ryan, didn't you get that when Brack asked if that is me? Oh ,and believe me I did not do this. I was just coming down here." I say my hands up.

"I didn't suspect you I already know." The male said sternly.

"Oh please tell me who or what did this then?"  I say taking finally seeing all of the figures more clearly as I step into the light, Brack was in the background A guy I faintly remembered as Charles, a girl I think was named Vic- something and a younger girl I didn't recognize. There was a pause as everything went silent.

"Well?" I ask, " Are you going to stand here looking at me stunned or you going to tell me who did this or assume I will leave you all alone? All I want to know is what happened and can I stop this it if it happens again?"

The End

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