"What?" I asked. Aaron shrugged his shoulders.

"Something about a new more advanced race wiping them out." He clarified. I looked at the two people standing at the front and stormed over to them. I tapped the man's shoulder trying to get his attention.

"Pardon me, sir." He continued his argument with the woman across from him. I took a long look around and decided it was too loud in here.

"Everyone, shut the hell up!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. The room went silent instantly afterwards. "Okay now, about this 'issue' with the new race, what's the deal here?" I asked. Everyone looked at each other than back at me. The man standing beside me at the front walked in front of me.

"Dawn, it's bigger than you can ever imagine." He claimed. I leaned my weight onto my left side and put my hands on my waist.

"Really now. Try me." I dared him. He looked at the woman across the room and back at me again.

"Well, this new race thinks of the humans as-... As an infection to the Earth. So, they plan on killing each and everyone of the humans." He explained to me. I let my right hand slide down to my side.

"Talk about quick judgement. So how are we involved with this?" I questioned.

"Half of us want to try and save the humans while the other half wants to rid themselves of the monsters." The man crossed his arms.

"I'm guessing you want to be rid of them and the kind lady over there is considering saving them." They nodded. I put my right hand onto my forehead and shook my head. "Lovely." 
Suddenly, a young boy rushed into the room out of breath and stopped at the doorway  beside Aaron. 

"Charles,Victoria, Dawn, we have a problem! Come quickly!" He announced. I ran around the crowd and followed the boy out the door. "This way!" He shouted as he opened a door to release a painfully bright light which soon afterwards faded. 
Before me I could see humans. Millions of them, lying dead on the ground of the dirt field surrounded by pools of blood. Closest to the door stood a sign reading 'ENJOY'.

"Oh God." I managed to  choke out.

The End

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