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Approaching my apartment after my meal, my mobile goes off on its loudest volume echoeing down the street.

"Hello, Ryan here."

"Ryan  I need you back down here, Now. Stuff is going way south and there might be a split, and you being here would make good rep." I knew the voice rate off the bat his name is Brack and he tried to make himself known on every single thing in the Sonva's society.

"Ha ha Brack, you think I would give you good rep?  My little stunt with believing having some human blood pretty much killed the rep your looking for. Now I'm just known for being a good gaurd."

"Still I think its vital you get down here stuffs going to get nasty. Plus I think you should be told what so big."

"Why not over the phone?"

"New rules we have had some human officials investigating us, we don't want to expose ourselves to them again."

"Alright , alright, you've got me curious. are you playing for the flight?"

"As we speak. See you in a few hours, its going to be exciting." Brack says.

"Ya, ya whatever just don't tell the others alright?"

"Oh come on you can't make me do that, they have been missing you something terrible."

"Right." I say sarcastically," See you in a bit. " I hang up irritated, I hated being forced to these things, and it killed me that I wanted to know what the hell was going on. On top of that I wasn't to keen on seeing coming back there after disappointing all of my friends on my true beliefs. Still as the saying goes curiosity killed the cat, and either not finding out what has happening was going to kill me, or coming back was going to kill me.

"Nothing scares me more then dealing those close to me." I mutter quickly tearing down the street running to the airport which was about 30 Kilometres out and I could probably run in about an hour. At the time I wish I had knew what I was getting into because nothing would ever be the same.

The End

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