The First ArgumentMature


I was awoken by the sounds of angry voices. 
 As I opened my eyes I saw a pair of fine blue eyes starring down at me, concerned. I sat up as he backed away and yawned slowly.

 "What is it?" I asked him. He pulled a chair over and sat down in front of my bed. 

"The Sonva. They're fighting." He told me. I looked at him for half a second then decided to look around my surroundings, then back to him.

"I can tell." I said matter-of-factly. "So Aaron," I started. Aaron raised his head and straightened his back as though sending me the message he's asking 'yeah'? "What is it their arguing about?" I questioned.

He gave a faint smile "Come." He stood up as did I before I followed him outside of my room.

Everything was entirely black so it was hard to see. Aaron-the one who claims to see in the dark- took my hand and led me down a rugged path.  At the end of the path Aaron opened a door that held a blinding light on the other side. Averting my eyes, the light quickly died out. I opened my eyes to see an audience starring and yelling at two people singled out at the front. 

"What's going on?" I asked Aaron. He looked at me and gave me the same toothy grin as back in my room.

"They're arguing about weather they should help the humans, or let them die." Aaron explained.

The End

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