I stared down at the half burnt photo in my hand. A human and a Sonva stood happily together, both giving wide smiles. Usually the thought of both a human and a Sonva being in a picture together, smiling, was never heard of. Impossible. Non-existant.
Most would of thought the photo to be fake, two seperate pictures fused together, or someone pretending to be the other race. Either way, it was unthought of.

Though, this photo was more than just real, it had a story to it as well. If one were to examine the photo more closely, perhaps they would notice this. It said so in the dark purple eyes of the Sonva woman. Her name was Dawn and the human man smiling next to her, was named Brey.

She used to be unusually happier in those days... Until Brey died.

Dawn had told me parts of what had happened, but never the whole story. She said that her and Brey were destined to change the eternal hatred between both humans and Sonva, but that destiny was quickly shattered and became only a mere dream.

Dawn and Brey had fallen in love. A deep love, one that could never be broken. One that was so pure, it didn't matter how different they were. They were meant to be. Or so that was how Dawn felt about it.

Apparently they were trying to get the Sonva's and humans to be at peace, but that didn't work out. After Brey died, Dawn changed entirely. She changed her appearance to do some undercover work -as she had told me- as well as her personality changed. I guess that she was so devistated by Brey's death that she just felt lost. 
Whatever it was, I disagree with her old actions and decisions with Brey. 

Humans are greedy, selfish, hateful and care only for war and money. If it were my choice, the humans would already be extinct and we would rule over Earth. If we ruled over Earth, we would care for the planet instead of killing it. If we ruled Earth, we would only take from the land what was an essence to our survival, not to our entertainment and amusement. The only good thing that had come from the humans was their weaponry. Sooner or later when it is our time to rise, the humans will be wiped out with their own destructive creations. But, because our technology is so low and that the humans all keep their weapons to themselves we aren't yet ready. This new race though, is our chance. 

If they really have the right stuff to kill every single human then I will follow and assist them until the end.

As I stared at the photo I noticed something hidden in the background. Something that was so small and casual one would barely notice it. Something that could hold one of my many anserless questions about Dawn. 
It was a poster on the brick wall.

This wasn't just any poster though, it was for a club. A club for Sonva's to go to, to have humans kill them. Dawn, had been at that club.

The End

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