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The thing jumps away from my blade again as I keep overwhelm him with my agility, one mistake for him meant death. He counters getting off balance my blade is driven through his side, a thick blue blood  is thrown into the air as it falls to the ground pressing something on his wrists alarms going absolutely nuts. I guess stealth kissed my arse good bye. I sling the sword across my shoulders, absorbing the things blood, my wounds began to heal themselves to my surprise, this was good at least killing these things weren't useless.

I run out of that particular row of prison cells finding them all empty much to my dismay. Things where beginning to look down again as I found more and more empty prison rows, and more scaly people. The more I fought, and the more I killed the more would come. I run through the halls dodging various blast,and what not looking for an escape, a door that would stop them dead in there tracks. Nothing , until I reached a large room with a what seemed like ten story tall ceiling and maybe 300 meters on each side. A perfect spot to make a stand. I make several circles in the air with my blade powering the pistol as the come like water flooding the room. I fire, the blast made a bright light engulfing everything for what seemed like a minute, till it died down to a darkening room lighten by various wires short circuiting, and a few light bulbs, I was breathing hard, that took a lot out of me.

"Have ... to....Keep....going...if  i want to live." I gasp trying to catch my breath while running through halls lit only by red emergency lights. At this point I wasn't sure if I could save myself let alone the captured Sonva. I wonder why , he or she is so Important? At the other end of the hall appears more damn scaly people, but something was different about these one they wore serious armour carried a deadly looking gun. Without hesitation I pull pull the trigger hitting one square on the chest, it falls backwards a bit, but really ineffective. Swords next I leap forwards making a slice as then come to halt in midair one holding its hand , in a way of saying then flicks it send my sprawling back down the hall. I land on my feet just barely regaining balance as they fire their weapons, which I quickly  absorb into my blade, the chain leading to the pistol glows , and I fire returning the hit ten times as powerful.

The things get slammed into the wall in the blast, their armour gets ripped apart but still the stand unscathed, these one were damn persistent, and much stronger then the one I had met previously. 

"You cannot win, surrender yourself, if you persist you shall meet your end." They offer, but I decide on not taking it any logical justice system with a society doing this would probably execute me so. I pressed on bring the pistol against the sword blade energy building up around me. 

"Bloodless destruction." I say just above a whisper as I pull the trigger and bring the blade down to the ground, everything goes quite as an arc of pure destruction goes ahead of me vaporizing all in its path while being completely silent, well until it disperses. I don't wait for that to happen I run forward to a spiral of stairs.  Moments later the building shake viciously nearly knocking me off my feet. The greatest thing about that one attack is that it uses the blood, and potential energy from the its victims, instead of me powering it. The stairs seemed to spiral on forever as endless minutes pass on as I run up them wondering what kind of insane race would build stairs this long? Wait why would A race that can fly have stairs at all?

In my questioning I come across a door, I stop to for a second to debate with myself whether to open it or not. In the end I just open it and find myself looking at a bunch of scaly winged people , and a huge windshield. I was on the bridge as they would call it in a science fiction

The End

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