The Painful TruthMature

As I just lied there on the floor helplessly weak, I heard something walking towards me, then stopping just before walking into the light.

"How the mighty have fallen." He said. I recognized that watery voice from before, it was Zen.

"Shut up.... You..." It was hard to speak under the pressure but I managed. Regaining my dignity was all I had at the moment.
He started to make this weird bubbly noise that I thought to be laughing. 

"I don't know why we decided not to kill off you Sonva's along with those wretched humans. You're both patheticly weak and disgusting all together. I mean, look at you! Just lying there on the floor not even trying to do anything! It's repulsive how weak you are, really." He gloated. He forgets, I'm also chained to a wall. I thought in agony. 

"You know.... Nothing..." I breathed out. 

"Don't I? Our race has been watching you for some time now, Dawn. We know everything about you." He told me.

"Liar!" I screamed with all of my energy.

"I know how you secretly want peace between the Sonva's and the humans hence why you went into disguise. I know that you've never killed a human in your entire life and still never would to this day. I know your weaknesses. I know your strengths and I know what makes you crack." He bragged. I hated to admit it, but he was right.

"Anywho..." He gurgled. "In case your relying on your precious Sonva's to rescue you, forget it. Even if they manage to get inside the base it would be impossible to find you. There are millions and millions of prison cells all over that are more than likely to confuse your 'friends'. Even if they were to come close to this room, it is heavily guarded by ten of our best soldiers. And for last resort, I'm guarding you." He explained. 

"Why... Go through... All the trouble... Of guarding me?" I asked. He laughed his gurgally laugh once again.

"With you gone, the Sonva's will eventually split up into two sides. Half wanting to stop us, and the others siding with us. Once that happens, We'll kill the ones against us and have the others join us. It's as simple as that." He said.

"I won't let you!" I yelled. I used the last of my energy attempting to stand up and break the chains but tumbled back down to the ground flat on my face. 

"Too bad." He flaunted. "You're down for the count." The next thing I knew, I was out cold again.

The End

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