Can't Find Away in, Make a Way inMature


Things didn't go over to well with those things,and a battle broke out near the building it was clear that we were going to have to attack. Still haven't found an entrance I raced up to the building drawing the sword making a circle in mid air which left a blue ring, I take the pistol out, holding the trigger feeling my energy drain away as I hold it, then fire creating a burst of energy blasting hole through the building. I was always told can't find a way make a way. 

After the smoke and dust settles I walk through the sword sheathed and the pistol out, I was hoping to not have to fight those things, they seemed had quite the advantage in numbers. I kept to the shadows hoping I would come across another Sonva Officer or an obvious sign of the person I was looking for, but of course what kind of enemy would make things so easy for me? I hear a strange watery noises closing around me until I saw strange scaly creatures with wing attached to there heads. I instinctively shoot one as it gets into a defensive stance. The  others jump back as I draw my sword that cut through the wall like it was butter.

"Come on! Is that all you have?" I taunt.  They all grunt, as something on grows on their palms. "They must have powers to." I think slicing there palms quickly causing an explosion tossing me through the halls, with major shrapnel wounds, and a few lacerations across the abdomen.  I get up the pain bearable , but the wounds could end up possibly lethal later. I pick up my sword with my right and the pistol on the right. The creatures came through the smoke there howling drowning out the rest of the noises around me, it was pitiful, yet irritating enough to shoot them without regret. The pistol gives a whine, it looked like I was going to have to use the sword for a while to recharge the pistol's energy.

A few short minutes of staying in the shadows, trying to regroup with one of my comrades became fruitless, as it became more evident' I might be the soul survivor of the officers, not only that, the blood thing began to shake as if it was taking off, which I assumed it was because of the additional G forces, Now I was in above my head. I'm outnumbered, I'm looking for someone who could very will be dead, and I'm in a flying building that could be going anywhere, and I don't like the thought of that one bit. 

"Well lets focus on one thing, find the Missing Sonva, alive or dead, then worry about a way out,and see if things are any for absorbing their blood, my wounds were making matters worse. What if the person I was looking for was injured to? I had to stop thinking like this I'm not getting anywhere this way. I needed to find some medical supplies of any type, then find where they would keep a hostage or prisoner. It didn't take me long to calm my worries down just as long as I kept a well formed plan in my head, and made sure I dealt with one situation at a time, leaving room to change the plans if anything comes up.

After what could have been hours of wandering I was starting to feel an awkwardness for not seeing any of those flying scale people, which was either a really bad thing or a good thing. I couldn't be sure but I would be damned if I was in an illusion. I turn right, my plan shattering find a prison area which was filled by darkness and laboured breathing, and the stench of  flying scale people. My eye adjust and I see the silhouettes a few heavily armed guards, and what looked transparent barriers around the cells. I was going to have think about this before..... something round and surrounded by spikes misses my head by mere centimetres crashing through the wall, a scaly person standing behind me, I roll forwards missing what would a be a one hit kill seeing the scaled person who stood at least 5 feet taller than me. If I didn't know any better I would guess he was also on steroids.

"Looks like I'm winging this one." I give a faint grin as I try to fill my self with confidence as I hold my blade which slowly became warmer, and began to give off an orange glow. The battle was on as I ducked under another attack and swiped for its legs.

The End

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