No ReturnMature

I woke up lying on the cold floor, both my wrists and ankles chained to the wall behind me. A bright light shone down on me, making it hard to see. Other than the bright light revealing my little circle, everything else was complete darkness. I could hear the sounds of multiple things breathing heavily around me.

Trying with all my energy, I finally managed to sit up.

"Who's there?" I shouted to no one in particular. I slouched over with my head down as gravity felt like it was pulling me down more than usual, making my chains weigh a ton more.

"Are you... Dawn, one of the great rulers of the Sonva's?" Spoke a gurgally voice in the darkness. I rose my head in shock.

How do they know who I am? It was kept a secret for years as the only people who knew were a few members of the Sonva who even swore not to tell a soul! Perhaps it would be wise to see where this goes. 

"Yes, I am." I admitted. There was a silence among them. Then, strange watery noises that I guessed to be their native language.

"Then... You must stay here." One said. 

"I demand you give me my freedom!" I ordered. Another silence. Then more chatting among themselves. 

"We have thought over your request and have denied it. I am sure you know who we are and exactly what we plan on doing already and that is unacceptable. But, we promise to release you once our plan has been accomplished and you may go back to your people and act as though nothing happened." They decided.

"W-what? No. I can not permit you to do that! Now release me at once!" I yelled in demand.

"Forgive us." He said, right before I heard a door slam shut.

I felt my head getting heavy, and let it drop. I can't let them do this... What about the humans? And my people... By the end of my thought bubbles I felt my whole body starting to shake from all the strain gravity was putting on me to sit up. So my body collapsed back down to the cold floor.  Soon, even my eyelids were getting heavy but I knew I had to stay awake. 

The End

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