New mission, promise of redemptionMature


After finding some peace and solitude from the noise, it wasn't very long I was approached by a member from enforcement.

"You must be Ryan." He says simply.

"Yes, what about it?" I ask getting to my feet , standing a good foot over the officer, my honey brown eyes narrowing on him.

"We've had a disappearance linked to a rising enemy we need all the help we can get." He replys, I blow a strand up in disbelief.

"Can't help you my weapon was confiscated."

"It will be returned to you on this mission, and depending on your actions you may have permission to keep it." I start paying more attention, with keen interest.

"Alright, lets get my weapon, when are we leaving?"

"Fairly soon when the first group returns, further decisions will be made on the information given." the officer says , and I nod. I wonder who went missing and if there was going to be any conflict on trying to get the missing person back. We walk into the enforcement offices where, the officer disapears for a few moments returning with a large black sword about six inches across with a chain at the end of the hilt attatched to a pistol. A smile came across my face as I took my weapon off his hands, and placing the sword on my back, the sword reached just above my knees, a black gleam giving it a look of danger.

A few hours later I find myself scurrying around on grassy terrain tracking the faint smell of the missing Sonva. The sun was beginning to rise when we catch a glimpse of strange looking building that couldn't possibly be built by humans. Strange winged creatures flew around it,I find my hand reaching for the hilt of the blade. A hand grabs my own and brings it down to my side.

"What are those?" I ask.

"Those are the human races biggest threat." was the only answer I got

"Are we engaging, or trying a diplomatic attempt?" A Sonva asks beside me.

"Well I think we are going to attempt a diplomatic situation but to be on the safe side I want 10 of you to take up strategic positions if all else fails, the rest of you are with me."  Charles orders, I take begin to walk across the valley looking for an opening in the building if everything went south.

The End

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