Hidden in BloodMature

A long time ago when the humans first met the Sonva they didn't understand their ways nor did they like it so they shunned them away. (Years) Later the race has been keeping themselves hidden from the human race but they find out something massive is going to wipe out the humans but half of Sonva's population WANTs the humans to fade out but the other half wants to protect them so they split up.


I get up when this feeling of hunger and weakness pulls me from a deep sleep and a rather wonderful dream. Pulling checkered blankets off of me, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I put on an dark orange T shirt, and black pants on, walking towards the front to door I grab my long leather jacket that reached down to my ankles, and neatly hovered behind me with every step. It flapped behind me as I quickly ran outside the streetlight barely illuminating the dark, raining gloomy streets of the desolate town I was living in for a small period of time.

The rain pattering softly on my face as I came to a halt smelling the luscious smell that I needed so very much. I turned right with inhuman speed and darting at the mammal before it could even react my fist went straight through it chest, the blood draining from its body trailing up my arm slowly getting absorbed into my body, I could feel the hunger fading as I feel my strength returning. I would much prefer a human's blood but in this town it would be quite easy to notice a missing person.

 Yes I am not human , I am a Sonva a being that needs blood as it resource for life, but not only that we can see the memories of our prey upon absorbing the prey and even controlling the prey's dead corpse for a short period of time, but not only that each time we absorb another beings blood we gain strength, and some power, but the quantity depends on the quality of the blood and the best is human blood. Of course there is controversy of this since humans are sentient beings with complex emotions, and all. For me it depends where I am and whether the person deserves to live in my eyes. The deer drops to the ground lifeless its unimportant memories coursing through me. I won't have to eat for a week.

The End

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