Chapter Six

Who loves a dance with danger? Violet does.

Twirling the gleaming silver dagger in her hand, she face her new opponents. With a flick of her wavy midnight black hair and arrogant, spirited smile Violet felt ready.

Adrenaline pumped through her veins, the wind pushed at her back, wanting her to charge. But Violet knew better. Of course, attacking first would allow you to dictate the terms of the battle more or less, but that wasn't her style.

Violet relied on stealth and agility, taunting the enemy into reckless decisions. Lucy stifled a shriek behind her.

"Violet! I don't think they're human!" she whispered.

Violet narrowed her eyes at the approaching figures. They're were three of them. They all were human shaped, hidden by dark cloaks and white masks. Violet frowned. They seemed pretty human. Then the one in the centre lifted his arm. The wisp of a ghostly hand formed at the edge of the raised piece of cloak. Violet inhaled sharply.

How would she be able to kill a ghost? She'd only ever fought humans. This was beyond her area of knowledge and skill. "who are you?" she called, her voice coming out much more confident and strong than she felt. No answer.

Their mouths moved, but no words formed. They stopped suddenly, as if listening to something confusing. Violet's patience wavered. "Lucy, stay back." she hissed. Lucy let out a small gasp of protest as Violet charged. No one knew now to kill a ghost.

But there's only one way to find out

The End

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