Chapter 1

Lucy was backstage with Violet fixing her makeup.  Yes, Violet is the groundskeeper, and she wasn't actually doing Lucy's makeup.  It was their alibi, so as to not get caught.  Lucy was giving Violet specific instructions.

"You need to look in the audience for a half bald guy with the king and a little girl.  If they are in the audience I need to know exactly where, and I need to know as soon as possible.  Can you do this for me?"  Violet nodded.  Technically she was in charge, but she was doing this because Lucy was her friend. 

"I will,"  she replied, "but you're the opening act, so I may not get back in time."

"Just go!" Lucy cried.  She had less than five minutes before she was on.  What if they recognized her?  She walked into her dressing room and quickly got her costume on.  Next thing she knew, the ring master was yelling at her to "GET ON THAT TRAPEZE RIGHT NOW, WE'RE ALREADY BEHIND!"  Lucy looked around for Violet, but didn't see her.  She grudgingly got on the trapeze, putting on a mask smile, and hoped that they wouldn't recognize her.  Hoping.

The End

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