Hidden behind the Snow.

The north east was recovering from the worst wnter ever. The little New Jersey town of South Falls had been evacuated. The power was out. John Baker and Cindy Smith drove through the streets. As they entered " Sunny Cottage" they made a shocking discovery.

The whole North East of the USA was recovering from the worst winter ever. The little New Jersey town of South Falls with a population of 5000 had been evacuated when the second two feet storm hit. The power was out from day one and the electric company could not get there because of all the fallen trees and the number of people with no power.

South Falls had flooding conditions now that spring was here. John Baker, Cindy Smith the local police team drove through the streets to ensure there were no live wires and the trees had been removed and the power was back on so they could allow the residents living in hotels to return home.

As they passed by " Sunny Cottage" they remembered a call from Margaret Pembroke from West Palm  Beach who was unable to contact her sister Elizabeth Burns of South Falls since the snow storm, she lived in Sunny Cottage! Cindy and John got out of the car and rang the bell though they were sure she was in some hotel and had forgotten to take her cell phone when being evacuated.

They pushed the front door and it opened. They went in calling out " Elizabeth!!!"," Mrs. Burns!!" of course there was no answer and the water had damaged her carpet  and a lot of her furniture and other precious curios she had picked up from her travels around the world. They walked into the adjoining dining room and Elizabeth was sitting in one of the four chairs her back to them. They rushed to her- she was cold-they went around-there was a bullet hole in the middle of her forehead and dried blood caked her face and clothes.

The End

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