Dead Man

I decided that my place would not be the safest place to be, considering the implications of what Isis was telling me. I drove to a shady motel across from the boozeball arena, paid in cash for a week in advance.

The place was falling apart. From the tattered bed to the creaky chairs, it sure looked as if a UV light would confirm this place as a very seedy establishment. They sat across from each other at a fairly stained mini coffee table.

"Have you ever played?" Isis asked.



"What? No, I really see no point in getting hammered to play a ball game. Unlike the rest of this city, I don't enjoy pointless activities, and boozeball is one of them. Who would've thought that the great game of soccer would be turned into drunks chasing a ball. But thats not important. Tell me more about your father." She was trying to stall, make small talk, but boozeball was one of his peeves. He hated the desecration of his favorite sport. This planet had turned it into from a beautiful team strategic game to an alcoholic drunk fest. He realized she was talking.

"...and he loves me, I know he does, but now, that I've betrayed his secret, it is like I am dead to him, disowned in a sense. I just barely escaped two killers, I need help, I need you to help me bring down this organization, for the good of humanity and for your own good, and from what I heard, you're the man to see." Isis was getting agitated, obviously the more she pondered her predicament the worse she felt about it.

Who was I to help her? Why would I do it for five million credits if I have  a hundred million already? Why should I get into some crazy conspiracy about which I could do nothing anyway?

The problem was, every time I looked into her eyes, I felt as if I would fall in and drown in that turquoise ocean of wonder. They were looking at me now, expectantly.

"I really don't know what to tell you Isis, I may have more experience in armed combat than anybody I know, and I may be able to guard you from further assassination attempts, but as far as taking down an organization like the one which you so simply and vaguely described, that's out of the question. I have no incentive, and I wouldn't put my life at risk for something trivial either." Thats when a shadow passed their window. It was eerie because the shadow had moved very slowly as if checking something. 

Then it hit me like a brick in the face. "Get down!!" I jumped across the little table and tackled her to the ground not two seconds before someone opened up with a projectile weapon. The whole room was being destroyed by the large caliber bullets. The barrage was deafening, but I managed to tell Isis to slide under the bed, it would provide at least some sort of cover.

I cursed myself for not bringing a weapon from the vehicle. Precious seconds were wasted on thoughts of my next move as the gunman raked the room with slugs the size of a cigar. Instincts kicked in and time slowed down to a crawl. It seemed as if I could watch the slugs glide through the air and through the opposite wall.

The fire was coming from one direction, and the hail of bullets was going back and forth at shoulder level across the room. I timed my jump as the gunman was shooting at the other end of the room. Glass shards broke off and sliced at his arms as he dove through the jagged edged window. The killer stumbled and dropped the weapon as my head slammed into his solar plexus. Wasting no time I picked up the heavy awkward weapon and pointed it at him. I could hear sirens in the distance. I jammed the large barrel into the mans jaw.

"Who are you?" I asked forcefully, pushing his jaw with the barrel of the huge gun.

"Who are you? He croaked."

The man had put something in his mouth, I could see him chewing it, and swallowing. I realized what it was and I jammed the barrel into his mouth so he would regurgitate the suicide pill, but I was too late. The man was dead.

Authorities would get here soon, I had to get Isis out of here. I dropped the gun and called to Isis as I started my car. This is going to be a long day.

The End

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