Secret Council

    Two days later I was getting ready to end my shift. I had already returned the automatic to the armory and was on my way to the parking lot. The past two days had been a blur, Isis was on my mind non-stop, and I hadn't seen her at work either. I knew the two facts had to be related. Her secrecy at the spaceport was slightly unnerving. I did not like to deal with dangerous things I knew nothing about.

    Five million creds she was willing to pay me, and for what? Jove only knows. The money wasn't a big deal, I had made my fortune with the Haggle merc company, keeping their spaceships free of the usual thieves and killers who prayed on the interstellar travelers since it had been invented. Even so, the creds would double my account. How could I let a woman so beautiful as Isis slip through my hands? I decided I would feign acceptance, and if I didn't like it, well, I'd tell her no. Unfair was fair, the favored saying born of Haggle guards.

    The door to my car opened with the push of a button and I flopped in the drivers seat, standing around all day with an itchy trigger finger and a loaded automatic without any target was not an easy task. The shallow sift sound coming from behind me made me reach for the pistol in the door compartment of my car, the movement was swift and quick and whoever was stupid enough to try to break into my car had a gun pointed in their face before they knew it. I almost didn't look before I pulled the trigger, the law is the law, trespassing meant death in this city.

    "Don't shoot! It's me!" A flash of blond hair struck me as odd above the angel face of Isis. And I paled at the thought of almost blowing it to pieces.

    "What the hell are you doing in my car?"

    "I had to wait here, anywhere else and they would have found me. The place is full of secret police even you don't know about. So did you think about the offer? Please tell me you accept."

    "I accept, now spill it." Finally, the secret would come out, whatever it was.

    "Pharmacom is a the parent company of hundreds of corporations big and small in ever type of industry, you know like GM and ITex. The CEO of Pharmacom is my father, it's how I originally got this job. He gave me access to privileged information that he thought I could be trusted with. Jack, this information was astounding. The amount of control Pharmacom and its ally corporations have over humanity is unimaginable. They own half the colonized worlds and control over 80% of the politics surrounding them. Their goal is to manipulate worlds as markets and people as slaved so that they can hold on to and consolidate their own power over every citizen."

    "I knew it..." Conspiracies were a dime a dozen in any big city.

    "No, it's not what you think. This is real Jack, believe me, my best friend was murdered three days ago by an unknown assailant. The last time I saw her I told her exactly what I am telling you, so pay attention and most of all be careful.

    My father is part of a council of men with extreme financial and political power. This council makes every major decision regarding the finances of most worlds and the politics of some worlds, mostly Earth. They are working on a completely dominating scale, all of humanity's worlds are bound to be controlled by this council of only a few men if nothing is done to stop it. They will do anything in their power to fulfill their goal. And I have been hunted ever since I quit the job and disowned my own father. There have been two attempts on my life, both admittedly by amateurs and both failed my sheer luck, but I cannot test faith, so I came to you."

    At first I was speechless. I had heard rumous of a secret society with humanity's enslavement as their goal but never had I imagined the reality of her words. And I could not deny them. Unless she was an Oscar winning actress, she was telling the truth. I looked at her panicky face, it was slightly shiny from perspiration and exitement. She repeated.

    "Will you help me?"

    "Do you have any resources? You know trusted friends? Cash, and a place to stay unknown to anyone?"

    "No, thats why I came to you!."

    I started driving in the direction of my place. But I did now know how smart of an idea that would be, given the fact that if surveillance had been watching her, they would know I knew their secret, but I had to get some gear, I was expecting this kind of danger and I had prepared some  surprises.


The End

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