Hidden Apache

   I finally got to the terminal. The place was massive, as big as half a dozen football fields, and this was just Terminal 1. There were countless lines of people stemming from each service desk. On the opposite wall there were several classy looking shops with ridiculously priced non-taxable items.

    I looked at my watch. I was supposed to meet Isis at Gate 33A at six thirty. It was now eight fifteen and I hoped she would still be there. Her frantic phone call had scared me and propelled me to meeting her, a virtual stranger whom I had met the week before as she started a job where I did private security, Pharmacom Inc. I wondered what had scared her so much. The mere fact that she had gotten hold of my phone number somehow told me it was somewhat serious, and I couldn't wait to see what it was. The traffic on the way here was horrible and unexpected due to a pileup ten cars deep at a debatable intersection near the airport. I was stuck there until they had cleared the extensive wreckage.

    Passing gate 31, I hurried along and started looking for the telltale pinkish blue hair of Isis. The main reason I came here was because I secretly adored her, not just because she was gorgeous but because I had talked to her occasionally and found her extremely bright. Suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder.

    "I'm glad you chose to see me. There is something I need to tell you, and I'm afraid you will not like the consequences." Isis looked stunning as usual. In long leather boots with painted on jeans tucked in them, a silk blouse tucked in the jeans with a leather jacket to cover the extensive V neck of the blouse. The expression on her face did not match her outfit.

    "What has got you so scared you had to call on a lowly, and dangerous, security guard?" I smirked at my own remark but to my dismay she didn't miss a beat.

    "This is serious Jack, my life is in great danger, and I'm sad to say, so will yours." The tone of her voice was serious enough for me to stop thinking of ways to pleasure her.

    "Why would my life be in danger? Who is after me this time?" I had been hunted down before, but they never got me, always slipping through the net or assassinating the assassins.

    "Your life will be in danger, if you choose to accept my proposition."

    "What? What are you talkin..."

    "Let me finish. You had worked for Pharmacom for two years, before that you were a merc with Haggle for five years and made a fortune, and before that you were a Marine. You are the only man I know that can help me."

    "How did you know all that? Did you go through my file?" The NAU(North American Union) government had a file on every single citizen under its watch. And be assured, it watched everybody, but the files were top secret, only the president, VP and various top government agents were allowed direct access to those files, and she wasn't in any position of power as far as he knew.

    "It doesn't matter how I know, the fact is I need your help. I am willing to pay you five million creds if you accept, the catch is, I cannot tell you unless you accept. The information you will be privy to will be as likely to get you killed as a death sentence. The offer is on the table. I will give you two days to think it over, more information and you would be dead in two hours." With that, Isis turned and dissapeared into the crowd.

    The whole experience left me confused. Certainly she was in trouble, but something as serious as she made it sound like would most certainly be out of my control. I had experience in warfare but one man against a conspiracy was suicide, and a conspiracy was exactly what this sounded like. I headed outside and into my car, the ride home would be much longer.



The End

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