Hidden and AloneMature

Supposedly the last of her kind, Phoenix sets out to find her brethren and take over the human-race.

I planned to leave soon. Florida was no longer my home. My home was with my brethren.


Since i was five, I've  known who i was, but i thought everyone was a vampire. When i was ten, my parents finally confessed that they were mortal and that i was adopted. My world changed then. My life swirled before my eyes. My vision of everyone had changed. I was alone. No one was like me. Not a single soul.

I was a half-human and half-vampire.  Which meant that one of my parents was at least a vampire. But my mother, i knew nothing of.

When i was thirteen, my "mother", Riley, told me the story of how i was found. . .

"Phoenix, me and your father were walking down 7th street, when we heard your beautiful cry" she said. I looked at her, thinking she was making it up as she went, hoping that it was all just a made-up story. she shook her head and almost started crying."We found you wrapped in a basket that was covered in a wet blanket that was also covered in snow. You were so beautiful. More beautiful then the smallest flame. Then your father picked up a wet piece of paper and read your name out loud"

She wasn't lying now. She was speaking the truth. I now understood. I know know who i am, but know who I'm destined to be. Tears began to fall as Riley held me tight. I felt so alone then, even knowing i was home.

But it ain't home now. It never has or was been my true home.

"Riley" i said. she looked at me in shock, as if expecting me to call her mom. "I will leave here soon. I must find my father and my mother" she looked at me, saying nothing for a long time. But soon, she smiled. She knew i had to. The hole in my heart wouldn't be filled until i did.

"Okay" she said. i hadn't noticed til now, but my "father" , Topaz, was leaning against the wall in the doorway. he was smiling, but i saw the tear on his cheek as i smiled back.

I'm sixteen now. My journey will soon begin. I will never come back here until i found more of my kind.

Never. . .

The End

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