A new face

Nate Phillips, the son of famous Hollywood actor Jacob Phillips, finds himself in the small, nondescript town of Harley Falls after his father raised his issues about his education.
Jen Holloway, a local resident who has lived in the town all her life, holds no interest for the teenage Hollywood singer and Nate finds her arrogant and obnoxious.
So when the two are forced together in unusual circumstances can they work together?

There was nothing particularly different about that day in April in general.

The sun still shone the same, the people still walked and talked the same, and Jennifer’s mother still went to the bedroom to wake up her daughter at precisely 7.05 am, just like she did every other weekday. An alarm clock had never done much good for Jen; she was not a morning person in any sense. She always slept right through it, from when she had been old enough to declare independence that her mother bought her one at the age of eleven, right to this very day, a few weeks before her eighteenth birthday.  

The town that the Holloway family lived in never held much interest for the townspeople themselves. It was hardly remarkable, the only claim to fame they had was that the Hollywood actor Jacob Phillips lived there for the first five years of his life. Famous for being the lead in one of the highest-grossing movies to hit the box office in the last ten years, Jacob was the epitome of prominence in Hollywood. Married with a teenage son, he was also a renowned family man. He had had a bit of a troubled past though, getting pulled into the dark world of drugs and alcohol. Although he had overcome it, he mentioned in various interviews that that part of his life always remained with him; something he could never forget.

Jen Holloway woke up that morning in a foul mood. The first day back to school after a long break was never an easy task to endure and this day was no exception. She took her time getting ready, playing some music in an attempt to ease her attitude so the day wouldn’t be too harsh for her. In an almost ritualistic manner, she picked up the red marker from her bedside table and crossed another day off on her calendar. Only two weeks and six days till her eighteenth.

The reception area at school was a lot busier than normal and Jen had to fight her way through it into the courtyard that led to the separate sixth form block. The morning air was chilly and she stifled a yawn, tugging her cardigan tighter round her body whilst simultaneously hoisting her bag back up onto her shoulder.

Her best friend Elle greeted her at the main doors, just like she did every day. ‘Jen! Have you heard what’s going on downstairs?!’

‘Nope,’ Jen replied. ‘Saw something happening in reception but I don’t know what it is.’

‘It’s Jacob! Jacob Phillips!’

‘The actor?’ Jen frowned. ‘What’s he doing here?’

‘He’s come back to his home town for a few days. Dropping his teenage son off apparently. He’s coming to school here. Jacob said he wanted his son to have the same education that he had. He said he couldn’t get it in Hollywood.’

‘Oh and so bringing him to a small town like this is going to help him? Quick question; why aren’t you down there with the others?’

‘Miss Tristan,’ Elle grunted in a very unladylike manner. ‘She’s practically forbidding us to go down there.’

‘Is his son here today?’

‘I think so. He’s attending sixth form, which means we’ll get to see him.’

‘What does he look like?’ Jen questioned.

Elle’s eyes widened to nearly double their normal size; large blue plates set in a shocked pale face. It was almost comical. She spluttered, once, twice, three times before she managed to utter: ‘You don’t know who he is??’

Jen shook her head slowly, puzzled. Was she supposed to?

‘Nate Phillips? Famous singer/songwriter? Heartthrob of millions of girls all over the world?’

‘Oh God how cliché.’ Jen rolled her eyes and edged past her friend, immediately losing interest. Elle followed her like a little lost puppy. It was relatively calmer in the sixth form; there was a total of twenty students in the entire block. The sixth form had only been open since the previous September and these students were merely the guinea pigs in the education system. If it paid off well, they would open it to other students outside of the school.

People were slouching on the sofas, some scribbling away at last minute homework, others typing earnestly into a laptop. Obviously Jen wasn’t the only person disinterested in this ‘Nate Phillips.’ A few of them were gathered round the large flat screen TV mounted up on the wall. A news reporter was talking into the camera in front of a large gray building.

‘Wait a second, is that…are we on TV?!’ Elle screeched excitedly, earning the glances of a few people around her.  She ignored them and rushed forward, grabbing the remote and turning the volume up.

…son of famous Hollywood actor Jacob Phillips, is now continuing his education in Harley Falls High School. Nate Phillips, eighteen, is studying his final year at the sixth form block, which has been open since September 2012.’

‘Oh God turn it off,’ Jen whined.

‘So much for privacy,’ a girl named Amber muttered.

‘He wanted privacy?’ Elle joined in.

‘The whole reason Jacob was moving his son here was for the seclusion. I don’t suppose he’ll be getting much of that now,’ Amber smirked, turning away from the screen.

‘Good way to go about it,’ Jen mumbled to herself. Bringing the son of probably the most eminent guy in the media industry to a small secluded town wasn’t going to be the brightest idea in the first place. However, now that the news stations were reporting it, the chances of him getting privacy had slimmed down infinitely. She rolled her eyes. Bring on the groupies… 

The End

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