Hi my name is forest,forest gump (11-16)

miranda goes to school and and sees the high school kids and her teacher Mrs.Sanchez is happy to see them one day miranda goes to see her old teacher and miranda's mom falls down and hurts her ankle but it was just a small injury miranda went to the hospital to get help but people did not let her in but soon the doctor came out and miranda's mom has to stay off her foot

When the event happened people turned for the worst .The people in the book are mean and don't care about others as they life on.Just like the police at the hospital they did not care about the mom.People turn for the worst in a high stress level area."doing the same thing over and over again and wanted a different ending"

When food runs out people go crazy and don't do the right thing.Some take the easy way out and off themselves.The people at the hospital did not care about the mother being hurt.People start to hurt others for food and water and are not very smart and do want they want to do.The people in the book are changing for the worst.

The conflict starts when the moon hits the earth.People start to the store to get foo and everything else to live.People have killed themselves and each other.Every starts to act different.Will this place ever be normal again.A few people live on today.

The End

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