A coffee cup warmed up my hands as she clattered around the kitchen, talking about where her parents had gone, how she was getting on, but I wasn't listening instead I was looking around the room checking how many doors, windows and possible weapons there were. In a space of a ten seconds I had evaluated nearly all the possible situations and escape routes that I could take, one even including an orange.

The clatter of kitchen ware stopped and I whipped my head back round to where the girl was now standing in front of me, hands on hips and a rolling pin pressed in one. She gave me a dark stare that says she knew I hadn't been listening to anything she said, she sighed heavily and placed the rolling pin on the counter which I was more than slightly relived.

"What's wrong with you Mat?" She said looking into my eyes.

I glanced down at my mug and said,
"Jet Lag" lamely.

She sighed again and said, "Well you might as well go and sleep off your 'jet lag'" She said turning away and walking into, what I believed to be the living room. I heard the T.V being switched on and the volume getting turned up. I felt a pang of guilt as I truged up stairs and looked up and down the landing trying to find the room I would sleep in. In the end I went for a room that had nothing in the closet so was most likely than not, vacant. Slinging the duffle bag over the bed post I heaved myself on the bed lying on my back and placed my hands under my head trying to work out what had happened. Ten minutes later I decided that I should call the hotel I was meant to stay at a call to cancel the room I had booked because I didn't want to pay for a room I wasn't going to even stay in. The phone rang two times before a perky voice picked up and said,

"This is the Skee Ski Hotel, how may I help you?"

"Yeah hi, I had booked a room here today and I was wondering if I could cancel it. I'm afraid I've made other arrangements."

"Of course, sir, however I'm afraid you will have to still pay £25 for the order. What is the name you booked under?"

I sighed cursing at the fact I would have to pay to cancel the room,

"Um it's Mr.Thompson."

I cursed myself again worrying that it may have been booked under a false name.

"Oh yes! Oh~" The voice on the end gave an audible sound of shock before continuing.

"It seems that your room, Mr.Thompson, has already been cancelled and the fine paid for... Is there anything else you require?"

I frowned my head before saying,

"Oh no that was all, thank you. You wouldn't happen to know who cancelled the room, would you?"

"I'm afraid they didn't leave a name, sir. I could call the number back and find out?"

"No that's fine thank you for your help"

"Good bye sir. Hope you will be able to stay next time"

"Yeah sure bye." I said distractedly before I closed my mobile and took out the sim card, snapping it between my fingers.

~Who cancelled the room? And how did they know that I wouldn't be going?~

Sighing I turned out the lamp, thinking that I'd find the answers later. The flight and all the lieing and covering had left me with a dull ache in my head and sleep came in thick and empty.

The End

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