The Ease of Lying

"Oh. Okay."  I said slowly, and gave her a quick "yeah that's just great" smile, and turned to look back at the dashboard.

"Oh okay? That's all you've to say, oh okay?!" She screeched, turning abruptly in her seat to face me.

"Well it's great! I'm so pleased!" I said forcefully brightly , trying to cover my idiotic mistake.

It was obvious to see she was one of those drama queens, why hadn't I rolled with it?

She gave me a hard stare. "Like, just what is up with you?"

Maybe she could hear my mind buzzing as it worked through possibilities. Was she simply an innocent citizen caught up in all the layers of secrecy that came with my work? The blank wall surrounding my mind made it almost impossible to know for sure. She could so easily be an assassin, or another agent. I gave a barely audible sigh. I was just going to have to roll with this for a while, take it as it comes. At the end of the day, even if she was an agent, in reality, she posed no threat to me.

Not many did.

So I gave her a little "oh nothing's wrong, I'm just jet-lagged" shrug, interpreted to mean whatever she wanted it to, got out of the car, swung my arm around her shoulders and grabbed my duffel bag.

"So, how've you been?" I smiled inside at the ease in my voice. Sometimes lying was just too easy.

The End

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