Blank Wall

Ok, so it wasn't something you expected when you had just gotten off a 12 hour flight.  Some random girl hugs you, calling you a different name, now really anyone else would have said ~who the heck are you?~  Well not me. I pulled up my black duffel bag and put on my best ~yeah I totally know who you are face~.

See the thing about my life style was that I had to be prepared for the unexpected. I may meet someone that I had known from one of my 'previous life' but usally I tied off all those loose ends. My jobs arn't excatly 'safe' and the jobs cost a lot more then my time. I tried to look into some of the blank spots of my memory, trying to draw up a face, relationship with her or even a name but I was again greeted with that familiar blank wall that took up most of my memory.

The girl was still looking up at me and I realised that I had been standing there like a complete idiot. I licked my lips and said,

"Oh Yeah hi... I didn't think anyone would be here that's all..."

The girl didn't pick up on my hesitation or if she did she chose the ignor it.

"Well you see I work with security here and I saw you on the CCTV monitors and rushed right down here to greet you. It's lucky I didn't miss you! Oh Mat I missed you so much, we have to go a catch up!!"

She grabbed my hand and started dragging me through the crowd, I looked at her back trying to think how I was going to get out of this mess.

The End

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