Hey! (Playboy? Bad Boy? What Boy?)

this was totally inspired by the video (story version) and lyrics to the song "Run Devil Run" by the korean all girl pop-star-band Girls Generation.
You better Run Run Run Run Run

    Well. Here I am. Me... and.... the other me. Okay, where should I begin with all of this?


  "Bye mom! I'll see you later!" I say, running out of my room and down my steps. I don't want to be late for school, you know. As I run, I knock over what I thought was an empty cup, and pay it no mind. And....I guess the soda in that cup, fell onto the computer. Of course at the time I didn't know it. So I just went to school, talked with my friend Madison.

Oh, I got so wrapped up in this I didn't even think to mention my name. I'm Kim.

  Anyways, Madison and I have all our classes together, and we did our work, talked about cute  boys, all that stuff. When it was time to go home....I....was left with an interesting surprise. Sitting in my room, on my BED, is ME!!!!! Oh boy, she doesn't quite look so happy..... and what's this about a "Yuki" she keeps blabbing about?

The End

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