Do you know what Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia means? If not. I shall tell you. It is a fear of one number.

I attend mass regularly, and yet I cannot rid myself of this insanity. Every meal I say my prayers, and every minute in between. Why me? Why did it want me? Everything is okay now though. I hide it, I cannot risk it reaching my children.

' THERE IT IS!!!! '

Oh no, thank goodness. There's a nine in the middle of it. I sit down and go through more papers, searching for that one number so I can destroy it! I need to rid the world of this evil, oh god. I don't want to face its horrors. Please, oh lord all mighty, help me destroy it. We share a common enemy you and I.

' Right there...'

"Oh no, no that isn't it either. O-Oh god. It's written on the walls, my walls."I fling myself back onto the concrete wall. I had made them concrete to block out him. Every day I washed the walls with holy water; though, recently I decided to wash them by the hour.

" Honey?! Honey the walls are clean!" My wife wraps her arms around me, but it's too late. She's already lost me, I'm nothing but a shell. A shell of a man who's gone over the edge, beyond the point of return.

" I'm sorry, but... these numbers. That number's... it's all too real my love. " I lean back some more, until I'm sitting back pressed against the numbered painted stone. " My love, I've taken the pills. Maybe then, that number will cease to appear to me. "

" No, oh God, NO!" She's screaming in my face... Why is she shaking me, it doesn't hurt but why? Why are you shaking me my love, it's that number. Oh I cannot stand that number, every time I close my eyes it's there. It is waiting for me. But it cannot survive in the light, no, no not on it's own. It needs human hands to form it's existence.

I can see myself laying there in her arms, but I cannot reach out to her. I'm pulled back quickly, surrounded by white clouds. Is this Heaven? Soon the clouds form numbers, it's all the same number. OH GOD! It's the same number! I'm in Hell! Someone help me! Get the number out of my head.

My cell phone rings and I pull it out of my pocket, it says ' unknown' so I check the number. Oh god...why! Why! I answer it anyway. " Hello...?"

It replies in my wife's voice. " Six...six...six...."

The End

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