Chapter FourMature

Four years later, and Connor was finally happy- finally accepted. Everyone knew about him being straight, and although there were still a select few that didn't accept it, he was old enough to realise that he didn't really need to notice them at all. As long as the majority of his school accepted him, he would be fine.

Now he was eighteen, and this was his last year of sixth form. 

"Con, can you help me with this?" Michele called from the corner of the common room. She had a huge box, full to the brim of different paints and an abundance of canvases. She looked like she was struggling, so Connor obediently rose from his seat and went to grab the box from her. He saw that there were still three other boxes to go.

"Shelly, are you even allowed to paint in the common room? I mean they almost closed it last year when people kept leaving rubbish around, let alone paint stains everywhere" Connor exclaimed, yet still helped her in with her boxes. Michele rolled her eyes, then smiled sweetly.

"Con, hun. Do you know who I am?" she asked, raising her eyebrows, her blue eyes piercing. Connor laughed, and shook his head.

"I guess. You're lucky the teachers love you." Connor exclaimed, as Michele winked at him, walking past him. Connor blew a stray strand of black hair from his eyes.

"Besides, shouldn't you be doing work too?" Michele said, peering inquisitively down at the notepad covered in doodles that sat on the table where Connor was sitting.

"Can't you tell?" Connor said, setting the last box down on the table. "I'm inventing new music notes! This is my new composition!" he joked, pointing to the jumbled mess of squiggles and lines. Michele laughed,

"Sounds like a hit to me. But why don't you stick to the more conventional notation, and do your fucking homework!" Michele ordered. Connor smiled.


"Slacker. C'mon, hurry up and finish." Michele said, tapping her pen violently on the notepad. Connor rolled his eyes, but sat down at the table, and started to get to work.

"Have you heard about the new girl?" Michele asked whilst she was working.

"No, what about her?" Connor replied, most of his attention centred on his work.

"Oh nothing, just wanted to know if you knew that there was a new girl" she explained, painting a canvas with white paint.

"Oh right, well yeah. I know we've got a new girl. Not seen her yet though." Connor said, just as the door opened to the common room. It was Cara; she walked in with two other girls, laughing and joking. Her old self- the kind, simply dressed, little to no make up wearing person had changed to a popular fashionista with an abundance of colourful makeup glued to her face. She had turned into the type of bitch you see in films about American high schools. Connor looked up at Michele, who just rolled her eyes and continued with her work. Connor shrugged, and decided to take a leaf out of Michele's book, and just ignore her, continuing with his work.

Suddenly, he felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned to see that it was Cara. He sighed and turned back to his work.

"What do you want" he said, not looking at her.

"Well I just wanted to know if you've met the new girl?" she said with a faux sweetness colouring her voice. "She's a freak, just like you." She said, smiling when Connor peered up at her.

The new girl was straight?

The End

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