Chapter ThreeMature

The Councillor's office was very ostentatious, with colourful paintings scattered randomly on all the walls; a vase full of flowers that seemed to have been plucked from the ground of the garden at the back of the school's field. Connor peered around at the varied colours that seemed to be put in different places in the room just to brighten up the office. A lot of it looked out of place; especially the random mound of different stones that were painted different colours.

The Councillor seemed to fit in with the vibrancy of the office, though. She had bright red dyed hair that was pulled up lazily into a messy bun. She wore a flowery maxi dress (overly colourful, of course)' with a necklace made of large purple balls. Her skin was pale white, and wrinkled. She had decorated her face with flamboyant, colourful makeup, as if her face was a canvas for art. Though it didn't seem garish, like it so easily could've been. She seemed... free.

"Hello, dears! Are you okay?" she asked, a wide smile appearing on her childlike face. Connor didn't know how to start, so he just left his mouth hanging open, making almost words. Michele tutted and pulled him to a chair that was sat right opposite the Councillor. Her name tag showed that her name was Aggie. Connor raised his eyebrows, expecting that the words would come to him, but he really didn't seem to know how to tell Aggie, considering what had happened the last time he had confessed to being straight. Aggie looked expectant, but patient.
"Want me to tell her?" Michele whispered. He nodded turning to smile thankfully at her. Michele smiled back quickly, almost falsely. It seemed that Connor's great confession hadn't changed Michele's facade of 'somebody who doesn't care'. She nodded toward Aggie, and began.

"Right, so basically, Connor is... well he's straight." She said, looking back up at Aggie as if to make sure she had understood. Aggie simply smiled wider, and nodded toward Michele, gesturing her to continue.
"And, um, he just told me, Gary," she looked quickly back at Gary who was leaning in the doorway' "and Cara. But she basically said he was disgusting, and didn't want to see him anymore."

"I did not expect such a reaction from such a kind girl!" Aggie's voice was whispery and high pitched, which was extremely calming. "Is that all, or did something else happen?" she asked as she rummaged around in the draws of her white desk. She pulled out a bright red notepad and a pen. She then looked back up at Michele.
"Actually, Connor wan-"
" I wanted to know if you could help me tell everyone. I've come to terms with who I am, all that's fine. I just need help telling everyone. Is there anything you could do?" Connor said, interrupting Michele, who simply stopped, smiled politely, and nodded.
Aggie raised her eyebrows, and put a full stop at the end of a sentence she had been scrawling down on her notepad.
"Well, I suppose I could tell the staff for you, but the students... well you simply have to tell them." She said, leaning across the desk to lay her hand on Connor's. "I'm sorry your friend reacted like that- that was despicable. But people are going to be like that. I can help you with dealing with hate and taunting, but I can't help you come out... unless..." She began, squinting her eyes, looking up toward the ceiling. Then she smiled, and gently squeezed Connor's hand, which she hadn't let go of.
"I can put it in the schools bulletin, if you want?" she exclaimed, her face expectant. Connor smiled, and nodded.
"I think that's a great idea. Exactly what I wanted. I just want to get it over with." He stated, still smiling, shrugging with the last sentence. Aggie nodded, smiling.
"Okay, I'll have a talk with the people that write the bulletin. It should be in there by Friday." She said, writing in her notepad again.
"Thankyou, Miss." Connor said, smiling again. Aggie smiled back, but rolled her eyes,
"Honey, call me Aggie!" she said sweetly, smiling again.

The End

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