Chapter TwoMature

"Look, Michele, I-"
"I didn't say that." Connor heard Michele's voice from right next to him. He looked up frowning, expecting to see a pair of judging eyes. And Michele's eyes were judging. But they were fixated on Cara. Michele's face was warped, scrunched up, anger clear. Connor turned towards Cara, who was looking him up and down, one side of her mouth pulled up; an expression of pure disgust. Connor realised that it wasn't the mean, sarcastic, bitchy Michele that had called him disgusting, like he had expected she would. No. It was the kindest, most selfless person he knew. Cara.

"Car?" Connor uttered, the sound barely even a whisper. Cara winced, closing her eyes, both corners of her mouth pulled down.

"Don't say my name. We're not friends." She stressed the first word, her eyes still pulled shut.
"How. Fucking. Dare you." Michele said, her voice more of a hiss than a whisper. Connor was shocked; Michele had been the last person he'd expected to step up and protect him. "How do you think he's changed from who he was before? You were fine hanging around with him then? He's still the same person. You're just too fucking ignorant to understand it." Michele continued, her voice growing louder, and finally turning into a shout.
"Well I didn't know he was straight!" Cara replied just as loudly, and with just as much anger. She turned to glare at Connor, before looking him up and down again with a face of disgust.
"He probably fancied me. And you. Ugh, I'm just remembering all the times I let you sleep round my hou-"
"He doesn't fancy you, or me. That's obvious, or else he'd act different. What's wrong with you?" Michele interrupted with a voice that was obviously straining to grow into a shout, but she was containing it.
"Shelly. C'mon! He's straight, and were girls. Of course he fucking fancies us." Cara said, her face softening, almost pleading with Michele. She rested her arm lightly on Michele's cheek.
"Don't call me 'Shelly'. If you can't accept Connor for who he is, then I'm don't even wanna know you. Let alone be your girlfriend." She said, slapping Cara's hand away. She grabbed Connor's wrist.
"C'mon Con. We don't need to be around that." She said, glaring back at Cara with the last word. Her eyes lingered on Cara's shocked face, and then flitted toward Gary, who hadn't said a word, and seemed a little shell-shocked.
"You coming Gary?" she said, seeming uncertain. Her eyebrows raised. Gary nodded timidly, and scuttled dutifully toward Connor and Michele, leaving Cara with his own look of disgust.

"Where are we going?" Connor asked, looking down at Michele, who was yanking on his arm to pull him through the halls. Gary almost had to run to keep up.

"I'm taking you to the councillor. She can help you get through this." Michele replied hastily, not looking up. Connor pulled his hand from her grip.

"I don't need help. All I need to do now is tell everyone. I've already come to terms with it Shelly." Connor said, leaning his head down so he could look Michele straight in the eyes.

"Okay, but she can help you with that," she said, smiling as she took his hand again, before leading him toward the exit.

The End

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