Chapter OneMature

'Today's the day', Connor thought, full of confidence, almost excited for people's reactions. He'd readied himself in his mind; prepared himself for the people who would judge him. There couldn't be that many that would judge, right? It was different now, people were more accepting!

Of course he would think that. He was a naïve fourteen year old.

He sauntered contently down the grey halls, not really noticing his classmates looking at him. It was as if they knew, but how was that possible?! He'd grown used to dressing as a stereotypical gay guy, and his walk wasn't particularly butch. In fact, he held up the perfect façade! But he ignored the looks, because they couldn't possibly be because of him being straight!

He'd been through it. He'd start with his closest friends. As he searched for them, he noticed more of those looks. It was getting quite weird...
But that's when he saw them. His three best friends, Cara, Michele and Gary. The only friend of his that was a boy. Conor knew that Gary liked him, and he'd always thought he'd wait for Gary to be comfortable enough to tell him, so he could turn him down gently. But now that didn't matter.

"Hey guys, alright?" he inquired as soon as they were within earshot.
"Con! How's things?" Cara asked, a huge smile plastered on her tanned face. She was your stereotypical, blonde, tanned, sporty girl, who always seemed to be smiling. She had warm brown eyes, and her face showed a kindness that was indisputable.
"I'm great Car, listen I've got something to tell you guys." He said flatly, staring down at his trainers. His nerves were starting to set in. He took a deep breath.
"Well?" Michele said, rolling her blue eyes. She always seemed to be angry, maybe because her eyebrows were drawn on, curving down toward her blue eyes, causing an eternal frown. But that wouldn't really matter, because she really did always seem to be moody, and would always reply to everything with a sarcastic comment. She brushed her black hair behind her ear, something she always did when she was angry.
He raised his eyebrows. He was always immune to Michele's angry aura. He turned back toward Cara, her kind face soothing him.
"Right, how do I say this, um..." He was still glaring desperately down at his feet, but then his eyes snapped up toward Gary. He was attractive, he could see that. The tanned skin, bright blue eyes, dark brown hair, dimples. But he just was not attracted to that.
"Gar, I know you like me." He said to Gary, laying a hand gently on his shoulder. Gary's face went from shocked to hopeful.
"I-I'm sorry I didn't tell you." He said, a smile curving at the corners of hi slips.meh thought Connor was going to ask him out.
"Look, that's not exactly what I was talking about. Okay, you know how you like... boys?" he asked. Gary frowned.
"Well I... I don't. I'm... straight." He said, looking back down at his feet.

There was a long silence. At least, it felt long to Connor. But then a voice pierced through the silence; the calm before the storm.

"That's... disgusting! I can't believe I ever stayed in the same room as you!"

The End

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