A young man, who goes to school, hangs out with his friends, and has fun has a secret. He's straight.
In a world where homosexuality is what's considered 'the norm', will he actually find love in the only other straight female, Caroline?

"Wait... you're straight?"

A question Connor had been getting since he came out when he was fourteen. He could see the judgement in their eyes, the disgust- almost fear that they try so hard to conceal.

"Congratulations! Well done" they'd continue, as if being heterosexual was some great accomplishment telling people that he liked girls. No one ever understood. He could tell, because he could see their faces for that split second after he told people, just before they composed themselves and put in a mask of acceptance.
Of course, he'd just smile and thank them for accepting him.

And it was so hard. Because he knew that he was an abomination. He liked girls! But what girl would be like him? Sure, there were dating apps, and even a few straight bars, but that's not where you're gonna find love.

He knew that he was gonna be alone forever.

At school, he saw all of his mates with their boyfriends, and all of the girls with their girlfriends. He was jealous. He wished desperately all the time that he could just be gay! Normal! Why was that so hard. Why did he have to be straight? What happened to him? It wasn't a choice. He knew that; when would he have chosen this? When he was fourteen? Who would choose to be ridiculed and stared at all the time? Judged, all the time.

But all of his fears dulled slightly when he was eighteen.

He finally met a girl.
And she was the same as him.

The End

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