Chapter 2: Dresses

"Ow! Gentle Please!" I gasped for air. "Ugh. This wedding dress is too tight Mother. My chest feels like it is being crushed by a boulder." "Ouch, that is no good." And with that my mother and the fitting lady were off to fetch some dresses that would fit better.

As I waited I looked out the window and frowned at the gloomy weather. The sky was gray and the air felt heavy and a constant drizzle making your hair friz up. Everything about today is terrible.

The fitter lady and my Mother came back with about 5 more dresses, all beautiful, but just not my type. "Mother, these dresses are gorgeous, but I think a plain dress would fit my personality better, don't you agree?" I asked. "Yes, I do! Thank you for pointing that out darling" My Mother agreed, and she went back to the dresses and found a simple white dress, no design, and not poofy. Just my style. 'Wow, I might've actually liked this if I was going..." I thought.

When we got home I went upstairs, and hung my new dress up on a hanger and went to my desk to start planning my escape.

The End

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