The Unwilling Engagement

A princess runs away after finding out that her parents have set for her to be married to a prince. Her parents are searching for her, so she has to keep the fact that she is a princess secret. While running away she meets a handsome and sweet peasant, but he doesnt know she is the daughter of royalty. What will happen?

Chapter 1: Unwilling Engagement

"Bella? Please come into the Dining Hall, your Father and I have something to discuss with you," called my Mother sweetly. "Coming Mother!" I sighed. "What have I done now?" I dragged my feet along the long hallway's wooden floors, looking curiously at the beautifully painted painted portraits of my ancestors, past Kings and Queens, on the walls. As I made my trek down the stairs I could feel my parents judgemental eyes trailing my every step. I suddenly realized that I had neglected to change into my dress, and was still in my pajamas. I looked up at my parents sheepishly with my hands behind my back, rocking from foot to foot. "Uh, you wanted me?" I asked shyly. "Stand up straight, Bella. And look me in the eyes when you talk to me, young lady." I did as my Mother had instructed and straightened my back and looked at her in her crystal blue eyes. "Well, Bella, your Father and I thought that it was time to find a proper suitor, for example-Prince Edward..." She gazed down at me. "Ugh." I crossed my arms. "Already? I am only 15, and I don't even know him. You can't force me to marry somebody I don't know!" "Um...well Bella... we have already set a date for the wedding..." My Father added. "How could you two be so against me? I never want to be married, and if I have to get married, then I would MUCH rather get married to somebody I know!" And with that I stomped up the stairs, went to my room and slammed the door as hard as I possibly could. Before I knew it my face was wet and my eyes were sore from crying.

The End

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