Now Switch wasn’t particularly clumsy. He really wasn’t forgetful, and pain wasn’t something he enjoyed anymore. However, hearing this information about his boyfriend caused him to forget they were under the bed, body instinctively attempting to bolt upright, an action that ended with a bicolored mess of hair slamming directly into the iron underside of his bed.

Ignoring the pain in his head, Switch managed to squirm around to face the green eyed male, his expression skipping right past worry and going straight to fear over his lover’s health. “P-poison?! Crowbar?! Snake bite?! You shouldn’t take that so lightly! That’s really serious! Hazer has a right to worry! You always do this, downplaying injuries… Do you not realize how serious it is? How much it worries us?”

Sighing, he leaned his head against Rick’s chest. It was too early to get this worked up. If he kept this up, he’d shift sooner… “…did you really heal your injuries right? You’re positive? You’re not injured anywhere else? Hazer doesn’t seem to believe you did… and he has a talent for being able to tell if someone’s really okay or not.”

Rick was probably about to assure him he was fine when Hazer again hissed and swiped, assuring the thin male of the opposite. Looking to Rick, Switch began to squirm in his embrace, attempting to pull the both of them out from under the bed. He needed to see the wounds for himself before he decided if he believed Rick or Hazer.

However… Rick was really heavy compared to Switch… “Hey Hazer, help me get him out from under the bed.”

Yes, he was employing the help of a kitten. He was that determined. Besides, Hazer was totally strong! Two weak creatures equaled a stronger creature, right?


The End

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