The grey kitten opens his mouth wide, mewling loudly, his little needlelike claws extending and retracting. "Mewww!"

Rick cracks open an eye to glare at his beloved pet, then grins ruefully at Switch. "Really, I'm fine. Just a crowbar, that's all." He winks, snuggling back into his comfortable position. "Nothing some sleep...won't fix..." But then Hazer wriggles out from between them, hissing at Rick like he's a soiled cup of milk. Switch starts at the kittens warning, never having heard him hiss so angrily before. The little cat waves a pawful of sharp nails at Rick, arching his back.

Rick just stares.

"D-did you get him mad...?" Switch asks, looking up at Rick worriedly.

Rick frowns, confused. "I don't think so. Don't you hiss at me, young man!" He sticks his tongue out at the kitten--and Hazer doesn't hesitate to swipe at him. "Ow! Damn...I keep forgetting to trim his claws..." He rubs at the four little cuts now adorning the left side of his cheek, sending energy to close up the wounds. "Maybe I should just take him home..."

But Hazer has other plans. He pounces on Rick's arm, scrambling up to his shoulder. With a triumphant yowl, the kitten rakes his claws down the skin of his masters neck.

Rick just stares.

"Hazer! No!" Switch yelps, reaching back to catch the kitten. Hazer allows himself to be picked up and squeezed in a tight hug. He licks his nails smugly as Rick twists around, then growls lowly at the pain.

"Ah...I get it." He mumbles softly. "I got bit earlier by a snake. Hazer probably thinks I've got poison festering in my neck again. I cleaned it out as soon as I undressed though," The dusty blonde reassures his boyfriend, reaching back to press energy into the claw marks. "I've just been feeling a little tired from all the exercise Ashlyn has me doing. I was out in the woods when it happened, so..." He gives a little shrug at the expression on Switch's face. "It wasn't all that bad, really. Some guy thought he was being sneaky. The snake bite, though...well, I thought I grabbed a branch..." He laughs, sheepishly, averting his gaze.

Switch just stares.

The End

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