Comfortable and warm in Rick’s embrace, Switch would have been more than happy to leave it at that and just cuddle both boyfriend and kitten here under the bed had his worry for said boyfriend not kicked in. Remembering the comment about his head, slim fingers carefully ran through blonde hair, searching for an injury, however small. A frown formed when a small bump, no bigger than a quarter, was found.

“Are you okay? Did you hit your head on something? You…,” Fingers ghosted over the sore spot, careful not to apply too much pressure in fear of hurting the injured male. “, you have a little bump here. And you look exhausted…” Words laced with concern, a thin frame adjusted itself in an attempt to make Rick more comfortable in this cramped space.

“I’m fine, Baby Dear. Don’t worry so much.” The words were spoken softly, gently, paired with another kiss to the forehead and a soothing hand running along his back. All attempts to reassure the smaller of the two that the words spoken were indeed true, and not simply something to calm him.

Pouting a bit, Switch found himself stroking Hazer while attempting to quell his rising anxiety. He knew he worried too much sometimes, really he did! However, he couldn’t help it when it came to Rick… at least he could worry for people now, right? Of course, there was always the worry that he’d give himself another ulcer from it… ah forget that! Rick was more important than a silly ulcer.

Looking to the kitten, a small lopsided smile replaced the pout at the sound of his purring. Scratching Hazer behind the ear and under his chin, Switch decided to put his worry to rest. There was only one way to do that.

“What do you think, Hazer? Is he really okay?”

The End

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