Hazer mewls happily, ecstatic to be finally getting some attention. Forget that blonde under the bed! His boyfriend gives good cuddles, too! If Rick wants to sleep his life away, fine! Hazer doesn't care at all!

The little grey kitten puts a paw up on Switch's face, rubbing his cheek over the dark haired boy's chin, purring contentedly. "Meww!" He swats at the male's nose before deciding to crawl up onto his shoulder. Suddenly--idea! Maybe Rick will wake up if he drags Switch under the bed with him, too! Rick is always happy to be with Switch, so surely he'll wake up and then they'll both snuggle with him and pet him and give him treats until his tummy feels like it's bursting!

Hazer, changing direction to crawl down Switch's shirt (earning a little squeak of surprise as a sneeze is evaded from the grey tail curling under Switch's nose again.), Hazer takes hold of Switch's finger, tugging him towards the bed. He's strong, he knows he can do it! All he needs is to scoot Rick over a little and push Switch in!

But then the dark haired boy seems to notice the boot-clad legs sticking out from under the bed, and he wiggles under it, shocked to find Rick, sprawled out in his sleep, gently snoring. What the heck is his weird, elite soldier of a boyfriend doing under his bed?

"Rick?" He whispers, hesitantly, reaching a hand out to touch him. He cards his fingers through shaggy, dark blonde hair. He must be tired... He does have a tendency to teleport when fatigued, but...well, this is the first time it's ever happened that he appears somewhere like this.

Electric green, glowing eyes peek open, then close again. "Switch...? Hnngh...Gah damnit my head..." He twists his neck, working out the kinks, and shifts over to face his boyfriend. "What are you doing here?" He asks after a moment of fixing his eyesight.

Switch blinks at him, then gives a little smile. "You're under my bed."

"...I--uh..." Rick has the decency to blush as the statement processes in his head. "Oh. That's right."

"Is there a reason why...?"

Wordlessly, and somewhat jerkily thanks to the soreness in his arms, Rick pulls Switch into his embrace, spooning his boyfriends lithe body into his. "I don't need a reason why," He presses his lips to Switch's forehead, sighing into the curve of his neck.

Hazer, not wanting to be left out, squeezes between them, mewling excitedly, because more cuddles!

The End

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