What time was it? Having no windows or clock, the blue and black haired male had no way to tell the time. He was still male, so it must have been between whatever time he –tried- to sleep and six in the morning. So… maybe four? Let’s go with that. Four is a nice number.

With a small groan Switch rolled onto his back, lacing his fingers together before placing his hands over his eyes. He had a love hate relationship with mornings. While loving the fact that he awakened before his body altered itself to become female… he hated waking up before he altered. It hurt more now, to be awake while that happened. Ah well though. Nothing to be done but enjoy his remaining time as a male.

Peeling himself from the floor, a longing glace was cast toward his bed. He still couldn’t sleep on there alone… not without Rick. It was too cold. Too lonely. That bed was useless unless he was sharing it with someone he cared for. Speaking of that bed, though, something about it was off this morning. Head tilting slightly, a blue eye studied the area. What was wrong here? Everything was the same, save for the empty place on the bed saved for Little Rick, a cream teddy bear currently resting next to Switch. No, nothing on top of the bed was different. However…

He could swear he just saw something move under it. That didn’t make sense though. Why would someone be under his bed at this hour? Taking a moment to ensure Little Rick was safe under the blanket; bare feet began carrying the small boy to the bed. Unless it's that crazed albino woman here to beat me up again, I really had nothing to fear. Attempting to calm the panic rising within him, he allowed himself this encouraging thought. Even if it was her, it’s not like her attacks actually hurt compared to the pain of shifting. Right?

Dropping to his knees, Switch leaned in to look under his bed when he was lovingly attacked by a familiar, friendly ball of affectionate fluff. Letting out a surprised gasp, thin hands scrambled to catch the small kitten, relief washing over him.




What was he doing here?

The End

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