The Hero.exe program has been leaked to the common people of San de Cruce, a town imprisoned by the super-powered army of big business conglomerate AlterCore. With this program, an ordinary person - with the assistance of a moderator - can obtain the greatest power advantage of AlterCore and operate it against them - the internet.
Who will have what it takes to become the ultimate hero of San Cruce?

If somebody were to one day give you the power to change the world for the better – would you make use of it? Akin to that, let’s imagine I walked up to you saying that I have exactly what you need to make it exactly where you want to in life so long as you follow every one of my directives to the bone. Would you take me up on my offer? Would you believe in me to begin with?

My name is Theta. At least, that is my handle, and the name most people know me by. I would like to tell you that the world I live in is anything like yours. I’d like to say that I ‘hang out’ with friends at the mall on weekends or that I spend my school days working to get into an influential college but, as it were, my life is not so casual. Rather, I spend my days plotting revolution, forming alliances, fighting for that certain flavor of freedom. I'm sure you've heard it all before. Then again, even if I had the choice to consume my time with such fruitless activities – would I then choose to? Anyways, I digress.

My message client apruptly opens up:

>SanjHERO has signed in

          >>SanjHERO: duel @west (swrd)

My screen comes to life with the profile of SanjHERO. My fingers dance across the keyboard and the requested changes are made in the blink of an eye. I was reluctant to let him engage in a duel at such a low level but alas, I determined that it would be the learning experience he needed following so many weeks of his own insistence.

Then of course, the system prompt appears:

>>system: SanjHERO has entered a duel. Will you provide administrative support?

I promptly click “no” and SanjHERO’s profile becomes but a minimized window on my otherwise empty desktop. It's not that i'm lazy, it's just that dueling was never a part of the equation - thus, not something I would at all condone or support. He would have to learn to pick his own battles the hard way.

Right on cue, his window begins flashing red repeatedly, and with this, another system message: “CRITICAL” pops up. How frustrating.

That was when my message client began to flare up:

>>SanjHERO: theta I kno ur still ther

                >HELP PLZ


I close the message client - I had to, above all else, maintain composure.

I check the profile of his enemy and to my surprise - am met by a wall of question marks. They are the telltale signs of high-level encryption, which usually meant a tough battle. If my thinking was correct, it was battle he had absolutely no chance of winning on his own.

The fool, I shudder. To engage a player like that was just...

I had to act fast. I call up the support.exe protocol and begin to tap frantically at my keyboard  in an attempt to conjure up some form of assistance for this one way fight.

>>run clause.pro




Unfortunately, my efforts are in vain as the exceutable returned nothing but access errors. This meant only one thing - his opponent's moderator had me on absolute lockdown. The way he had me tied up, all I could do was watch as his health slowly dwindled to zero.

>> system: SanjHERO defeated!

The red tint ofSanjHERO’sprofile window becomes a flat grey. The system messages cease appearing. In turn, his name is automatically removed from the list of players. Just as soon as the duel had began, it was as though he had never existed.

SanjHERO had been defeated.

I lean back in my chair to contemplate in the darling silence of my control room. It is completely dark in here, save for the light of my monitor and keyboard, and also that of tertiary equipment blinking intermittently in the background.

Continuing from what I was saying earlier – let’s say you did take me up on my offer. Let’s say you did want to make the world a better place. Furthermore, let’s say you did swear to obey every single one of my instructions to the bone. At the end of it all, when you gain the power necessary to become the hero this world needs….

What will set you apart from the many others who have tried and failed?

>>Theta has signed out.

The End

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