Hi, I'm Reilen.

When did I first figure out about the fact that I'm a freak? Well, two months ago.

I was sitting on my balcony at home , enjoying the sun's warmth against my face, reading my book and drinking lemonade. My girlfriend was sitting beside me, my arm around her shoulders. We leaned in to kiss and...

Well, maybe I took this too far.

What realy happened was this. I was sitting in my Mom's van on our way back from Ottawa. There was a water bottle beside me and I was thirsty. I opened the bottle and the car jerked forward. The water splashed onto my shirt and left a small wet spot on my pants. I closed my eyes and frowned. In my mind, I pictured the water bottle. I didn't mean to, it just happened. And then I saw a spring of water with gleaming sunlight shimmering on the wavy currents. There was a sign that said: WELCOME TO NIAGRA. I opened my eyes quickly and grabbed the water bottle. In clear letters on the bottom of the bottle, it said: Made in Niagra.

And then there was the incident with the tree.

Anyway, I was then invited to an Academy for Superheroes. That's because I have the power of Clairsentinence. Which means, I can percieve the history of an object just by touch! So I decided to accept the invite, not just for the training, mostly so I can get away from home and the constant nagging of my parents.

"Bye Mom!" I shouted as I ran down the staircase. I bolted out of the door.

I was just in the doorway when I heard a noise in my backyard. I carefully walked to the side of the house. As soon as I stepped on the gravel, a crunching sound broke out.

"What was that? Who's there!" a deep voice said. After hearing no response, the man returned to his conversation. I knew I couldn't possibly get any closer without being heard. I stared up at the large tree above me. The wind blew an icy breeze through the leaves, rustling them loudly. Then, my idea came.

I stared into my backyard. I felt so high off the ground... like I was in the domain of the Sky God, Zeus. I could feel the cool winds in my hair, see the birds in the sky with me, hear nothing.

To high up! How can I hear them? I thought.

Then, a sound made me jump. "Hey Reilen!"

"Ssshh!" I grabbed the figure behind me and pulled him into the branches. "Aleius!" I whispered. "What is it?"

"You explain firs--" he was staring out into the backyard with a look of horror on his face. "Did he just say..."

"What? You can hear them? How the hell--"


"What are they saying?"

"Hold on. Okay, I'll repeat everything..." he paused. "Ready?"

"Just go!"

" 'What do you want from me?! Why are you here? Who are you?'

'I'll ask the questions!' Uh oh!"

"Is that?"

"We have to do something!"

The End

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