The Museum

Seven-o'-clock in the morning. Now, time for school. Boring old grade 12 High School. The very same place that I've always attempted to avoid. I can't fit in at home, I can't fit in at school. Why is our world so unforgiving? So cruel? Why is there a law that you're obligated to go to school? I mean, most of the stuff we learn in school will never be useful! So what if someone wants to end up like a nobody with a job for a nobody, the home of a nobody, and the life of a nobody.

I walked down the stairs into the kitchen. I grabbed a box of cereal and a bowl. I opened my refrigerator and grabbed milk and orange juice and a glass from the cupboard. I poured my cereal and milk, and then stared at my empty glass. I concentrated hard on the carton of orange juice. I snapped my fingers, and the cap flew off.

"Hmm..." I said.

I focused on it once more, only this time, I visualized it pouring itself into my glass. I exhaled slowly, and blinked. The orange juice carton rose into the air, an aura of blue surrounding it. The carton hovered over my glass, and there was a tap on the door. I lost my focus, and the carton of juice tipped over, and spilled on both the table, and me.

"Aww! Shoot! Now I have to clean this up!" I said angrily.

I stormed over to the door, dripping in Tropicana Orange Juice. I opened the door and greeted my best and only friend, Jack.

"Oohhh! Skylar! You um... kinda have a little bit, okay, whatever. Are you coming on the school trip?" asked Jack.

"School trip?" I asked wiping juice off my forehead. "What trip?"

"The one to the museum! You know! Near the Empire State Building?"

"Oh! Yeah, I'm going."

"Well, come to the school with me," Jack replied.

"Uh, not sure if you noticed but, I'm covered in orange juice. Can you help me?"

"Sure," he said, and trotted into my kitchen.

"Whoa! How'd you manage this?" he asked as he gazed around.

"I..." I stopped. I was being overwhelmed by so many people in the house. Too many thoughts, cramming themselves into my conscienceness. I never learned how to control my power. In school, sure I could cheat, but it was hard. With 29 other kids in the class, I found it overwhelming to attempt to read thoughts. And so everyday, I would get home with a migrane headache, and I couldn't listen to them. So, I finally found a solution to my predicament. When I listened to music, I could drown out thoughts. But right now, right here, I couldn't stand it!

I grabbed my head and stumbled. Holding on to one edge of the table, I collapsed. "Skylar!" Jack ran over to me and picked me up.

"I need to get outside," I said still clutching my head.

Jack dragged me out the door and the pain ceased immediately. I got up and said to forget the spill.

"Whatever. Let's get to school for the trip!" I said eloquently.

And on that note, we were gone.

The End

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