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Basically, just a fun exercise I am doing with MattForgenti and another friend who has a protag account that has cobwebs. Looking for one more writer who will stick with it and not mind waiting on others to write. (Matt and the unnamed one tend to take some time.) Let me know!

Grimm, creatures from legend turned into reality an untold number of centuries ago. With their numbers and power, the conquered the world, pushing humanity itself to the brink of extinction. However, humanity - like always - persevered and found a way to fight back. 


Using this newfound power, humans created strongholds in this dark world ruled by the Grimm. The four nations - Vacuo, Mantle, Mistral, and Vale - allowed some semblance of peace to return once more. Of course, the peace was constantly on the verge of crumbling away from the overwhelming might of the Grimm. 

That was where Hunters came in. Trained in academies in each city, they take a stand against the dark creatures who threaten humanity, staking their very lives defending their fellow man.

The Hunters use two main weapons: Aura and Semblances. Aura, the physical manifestation of ones soul, is used to defend a hunter and empower them, among other things. Semblances, however, are abilities unique to the individual, drawn out by ones Aura.

But that is common knowledge to any in Mistral. 

Vishnier Lumin walked far above the people on the streets below, seemingly on air. His Semblance was incredibly useful for avoiding conversation and, being a fully fledged Hunter now, that was highly likely to happen on the ground. Such a bother... Vish didn't want to be talking to people he didn't know unless he absolutely had to. 

Ahead, Haven Academy loomed like, well, Vish among normal people. Being six and a half feet tall, not many matched up to his height, so it was a fair metaphor. He would be happy when his visit was over. He had been out of Haven for over a year now, but the headmaster had insisted he make a visit. That man was worse than Ozpin over in Vale sometimes. 

As he grew closer, Vish noticed a class taking place in a small training ground below. Two students, both boys in their first year from the look of it, were fighting one another with a remnant of talent. How long ago was Vish doing just that? Facing off against his fellow students, shutting their insults up with his skill. Bah, there was no use remembering those days.


And there went Vish's attempt at avoid anyone. He looked down at the teacher in charge through his tinted goggles and groaned. Professor Helmsway met his gaze from far below on the ground. "I could be someone else, you know," Vish called down.

Vish couldn't see his former teacher's expression, but he knew it was something of a smirk. "Does anyone else you know wear fancy clothes like that and walk on air? Also, there's your height, those damn goggles you always wear, and you haven't even stopped shaving off your head. There's also..."

Vish sighed and started walking downward towards the ground, ignoring the students staring at him. He could deal with Helmsway's rantings but these kids staring was unnerving. Instead, Vish focused on his clothes. He was wearing a nice long button up coat with his nice boots and trousers, so of course he had been spotted. Granted, the walking on air bit gave him away too, but there were others who could do the same, granted a different way. Farros Kurin could stand on little barriers below his feet, for example.

When his feet met the ground, Vish was greeted by the older man - still short with a balding head and a massive frame - with the ever so awkward hug and pat on the back. The man always was too affectionate towards fellow hunters. 

"Students, this is my former student and now fellow Hunter, Vishnier Lumin," he told his students, causing Vish to groan once more. He hated being social to a bunch of people he didn't know, let alone being the center of attention. "He's going to demonstrate how to use your strengths to your advantage."

One kid, a relatively tall one with your standard jock appearance and a massive hammer, stood forward. From how he smiled and nodded at his lackeys, he was obviously up to something annoying. "Professor, how do we know if this guy is any good? He looks like some sort of stiff."

Helmsway smiled. "We have a volunteer! Move to the middle of the arena, Cage. Vish, summon your weapon."

"Do I have to do this?" 

"If you want this free coupon for Gaston's Bakery," Helmsway retorted, holding up a slip of paper with a familiar logo and a large amount of money printed on it. 

"Dammit, Helmsway," Vish said, opening his scroll and calling his weapon. "Why do you always use that to strong arm me?" The locker slammed into the ground next to Vish, opening to reveal his Goldspire, a massive golden spear with a large cross guard near the top. It was ornate, like everything Vish owned, and about a foot taller than Vish himself, making his locker somewhat oversized and annoying to call. He loved fighting Grimm, but Vish hated sparring against other Hunters.

The boy - Cage? - seemed somewhat more serious now that he saw Vish's weapon. Smart. The hammer Cage carried seemed to have a function on the backside of it for firing. Possibly a cannon installed for more force? 

"The same rules apply when you fight, Vish," Helmsway said, "No using your semblance directly on him."

Vish twirled Goldspire and focused his hidden eyes on the boy as he walked forward. "I never do."

"Go ahead and use them," Cage called, "I'll use mine, so it's only fair."

Helmsway ignored the boy and walked over to stand with the other students. Vish was still against this, but held his spear in his right hand, finger near the trigger halfway up the shaft. 

"Ready? Fight!"

Cage charged in an instant, making Vish acknowledge the potential the kid possessed, and swung his hammer wide, shooting a blast of power out of it's rear for more power. So simplistic, yet probably useful to his semblance. But, not helpful in this fight. 

Vish pressed the trigger, firing top portion - cross guard included - of the spear flying. His power reached out and halted the fired portion, halting it's position, then he released the trigger to retract the tip via the chain that connected the two. To Cage, however, it simply looked like Vish passed him in a flash and halted behind him. 

Cage, being trained by Helmsway, didn't stop, though. Instead, he used the hammer's momentum to turn himself around and bolted towards Vish again. This time, however, ice crystals formed in the air around him like arrows ready to fly. Ah, so that was his semblance. Vish had heard about a student who could form ice in air and use them as bullets a few months back. Basically, Cage was a hunter who could cover long and short distance fighting. Useful and impressive, but boring as an opponent.

Vish decided to simply end this with his Semblance, Preservation. He grabbed the base of his jacket and pulled in front of him, sticking it in place with his Semblance. The ice shards broke against the jacket, then Cage smashed his hammer against it as well. Vish just sighed and removed his power. 

"You lose." Vish slammed the butt of his spear into the boy, enhancing the blow with Aura, and sent him flying. To his credit, Cage managed to stand, but the screen on Vish's scroll told him the boy was in no condition to continue. 

"Match!" Helmsway walked over and handed Vish the coupon. "Thanks, Cage has great potential, but he's too hot headed to be good right now."

"I noticed." Vish started walking away, ignoring the words of Helmsway as he stepped once more into the sky. His locker flew back to it's holding cell, but Vish kept Goldspire with him. 

Now, to get this annoying day over with...

The End

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