The Empress of fire


On the first day of March, a girl named Sam moved to the woods because she is haunted by the witches..

Sam:Who are you? what do you want from me?

Witch#1:We are the evil witches of Vermillion we need your power heehehehehe

Sam: Wha-what power?? 

Witch#2:I can sense it It's so strong like a dragon can you be the fire empress??

Sam:What a jerk! I don't know anything 

Witch#3:Well let's see 

Sam ran at high speed because she is being chased by the witches.The witches threw energy bolts at her but she dodged easily.

Sam:What is this power? I can sense it!!


Sam:Hell no.. Empress of fire you said EAT THIS!!!!

Sam fired a bolt of fire in front of the  witches and she ran to the woods faster as she got shocked from the incident

                                                                                                                                                                                                          End of chapter...

The End

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